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Underwear Progress, Not Perfection

Everyone knows that I am working on my weight (always), but since December 28th, I have been really working on it.  Hardcore, excellent nutrition, tracking in and being supported by the almost-100 members in the Swim Bike Mom Loses It Group (if you want to come join us, please do. All you need is a free LoseIt account, then do a search for the Group under communities….great little network).

I am being 100% transparent on my journey to Ironman Coeur d’Alene.  I want to be honest about my struggles, and I hope that it will tell a true story of a successful Ironman finish come June 23, 2013.

I just entered a DietBet weightloss game, and I had to submit a photo in my skivvies (I didn’t realize until later that I could wear shorts… d’oh…and they don’t publish it OR share your weight…), but anyway… I showed the picture to the Expert and said, “I am going to put this photo on my blog.”

He said, “Well, if you want everyone seeing your stuff. I give up.”  (He’s so accustomed to me — ha ha).

I thought about it for a minute.  And then I said, “Well, what do I care?”

He shrugged, knowing, my thoughts on Swim Bike Mom and all of this.  (“If it helps ONE person move forward, make a change, I don’t care what it does to embarrass me. Don’t care. At all. At all.)

No, I’m not a glutton for ridicule, for people turning their eyes away… for my mom thinking, “Oh dear now look at what she’s done.”  But rather, I feel a sense of joy when I can share my successes… and my embarrassments… because I have chosen to be honest… and I don’t think this picture is inconsistent with my prior behaviors.

Am I proud of this picture?


Funny. Actually… I am proud of it…chunky belly and all.

Why in the world…?

Because this is a picture of progress.  It’s definitely not a picture of perfection.

But 20 pounds ago, this would have been much worse.  After I gave birth to my second child, it would have been in the Guinness Book of Records for one of the most horrible things ever seen…

But this, yes… this picture is progress.  So I am sharing it.  Flabby belly, armpit chunks. But I also see strong shoulders, and bike-short tan lines… and the beginning of some good quads.

I may not love the picture…but that picture is not this picture:

6.28.08 (9)

(This was actually the “skinniest” picture of me from 2008.
I’m guessing I was about 235 here. This was before my Spark.)

And I’m also not here:



(This picture was actually in 2004… pre-kids…. so super shame on me.)

I share my TODAY sports bra picture with the hope that I have a better picture to post someday… I share it with the spirit of “we are all doing this!”–because so many in the Lose It group are doing AMAZING… we’re ALL trying to be better athletes, people… and to be healthy.

So that’s me. Today.  Down 14 pounds. Still fighting the 200’s, but darn on my way to 199. And better yet, on the way to my goal weight of 163 by Coeur d’Alene.

Today, I swam 2.2 miles and I ran 7.  I am working hard. I am fueling well.  This body may not be perfect… but I am determined that this body (and perhaps, less of it)… will carry me 140.6 miles.


  • Tonya

    January 19, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    You are such an inspiration. I just recently posted some before pictures (which is current) for an 8 week competition I am doing and it was embarrassing but almost liberating to just let everyone see where I am, and it helps me work harder to be able to post a much better “after” photo, not that 8 weeks is going to make a huge difference lol but this year will! Keep moving Forward, you inspire many!!! You are beautiful!

  • Alison @ racingtales

    January 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Looking good! I guess we’re both doing the Fitfluential DietBet! I was confused about that “airport security attire” thing – so I guess that’s what YOU wear to the airport! I just took off my jeans and put on my booty shorts…still not sharing! Good luck on the DietBet…such a great idea as I HATE losing money!

  • Lisa Katz

    January 19, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    SBM–I love it! Two years ago I began my own journey. I was 176 lbs. I started simply, with some light running and swimming. Eventually (after 8-9 months) I lost 10 lbs and was thrilled with the results. Then I moved into my second year of swimming and running and decided to do my first tri-sprint (last year) and then a second. By the end of the summer I had lost another 10 lbs. This past fall I made a major dietary change, following the advice of my running coach/trainer. I started cutting out breads, pastas, etc., and upping my proteins and vegetables. He told me to each enough vegetables each day to fill my head. I am now the queen of the spinach and cherry smoothie. YUM! I eat nuts instead of (gulp) popcorn and pretzels (my salty favs), and avoid bread most of the time (just the dog, just the beef burger–oh, and veggies). Since last October I’ve lost almost another 15 pounds. The only real change to my exercise regimine was more strength training. So the math is this: I lost 20 pounds in 2 years and 15 pounds in 3 months. All because I basically started eating like a diabetic. (I am predisposed to diabetes anyway: my grandma was diabetic, my dad is diabetic, and I had gestational diabetes.) So now, inspired by you, and over 30 lbs lighter than when I began my fitness journey, I’m planning to run a marathon (or 2 or 3) and do some Olympic distance tris, and who knows what else. I try not to be to vain: my belly is covered with wrinkles from my kids despite being much slimmer than it ever (since I was in junior high). But I love having dropped from my size 12 to a size 4 (at least in pants), and my running performance, while never great, is vastly improved due to a better VO2 max. (Of course, swimming is better too, but that was my strength before.) Now, if I can just learn to fall in love with my bike….. Bottom line: baby steps. Your healthy diet will pay off. Avoid the carbs (read “Why we get fat,” “wheat belly, etc.”), keep up the hard work, and continue to be an inspiration to your kids and the rest of us. I’ll keep reading (and am still enjoying your book) and can’t wait to hear about your hard-won successes in the next year. p.s. I’m thinking I might take on a half ironman this fall or in the following spring and then an ironman from there. I never would have contemplated it were it not for you!

  • Trish

    January 19, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Thank you. I have been struggling with my weight and fitness forever. I think I always will. Knowing that someone I admire and respect faces the same battle gives me hope.

  • Courtney

    January 19, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Great job with being so honest with yourself and us!! I am fighting the same battle of losing weight. It is an everyday battle but as long as we take it one day at a time it willl make it easier!! Plus keeping it positive!! I love reading your blog!! Keep up the hard work!!

  • Kim

    January 20, 2013 at 10:47 am

    I know we all have our own body issue hang ups and our own ideal of what we want to look like… so I get where you are coming from. But, I have to say I think you look fabulous! As I read your book, I thought the same thing. I’m the same way, so I do understand. You’re doing great with the diet, and you are an inspiration. But I also had to chime in with a “Don’t be so hard on yourself!” because you really do look fit and amazing!

  • Angie

    January 20, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I took a picture of myself the same way at 289 lbs.- front, back and side last January. This week I opened it on my computer. Needless to say, when I saw the picture I broke down in tears. I saw three rolls of back fat, a giant gut and Michelin Man like arms and legs. I was quite simply killing myself with food and inactivity.

    I’ve religiously logged every bite and minute of exercise with MyNetDiary Pro on my iPhone for the past year. My “diet’s” become mathematical – food is now fuel not reward. I still enjoy a beer and slice of pizza on occasion, but I work it into my daily calorie threshold or offset it with exercise.

    I’ve lost 96.2 lbs. and weigh 192.8 today. Today, I am no longer taking diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol meds. My resting pulse is 45, blood pressure is 107/75 and A1C is 5 – unmedicated.

    I am training for my first duathlon and triathlon this summer. Your blog is so encouraging, and I want you to know that you amaze me everyday with your tenacity and honesty! You can do this. We’re all behind you!

    I’m trying to lose another 42.8 lbs. because I want to run, bike and swim further and faster, too. Thanks to you.

  • Jennifer

    January 21, 2013 at 12:58 am

    I am proud of you for posting pictures! It’s hard and scary to put yourself out to the internet where who knows who is looking. I do it on my blog too, and it’s a great way to stay accountable. Keep being awesome SwimBikeMom! You got this! #itsajourney

  • Run With Jess

    January 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Haha… I’ve been doing a dietbet for a month now and lost 8lbs doing it. Money motivates me, I guess. 🙂 I really need to dig out some of my old photos… I’m so hard on my self image sometimes. Thanks for this post. We are all a work in progress…


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