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My Headlights are On

Cycling with an expert has its advantages.  Oh wait. I don’t mean “an expert,” I mean THE Expert.

For example, it was COLD today.  Cold.  Cold to ride at least…(I know some of you in Minnesota are going to scoff at my definition of cold)… but 39 degrees when we started out on a 50 mile bike ride.

I had already been to the pool and put down almost 3800 meters, so I was tired starting out (and hungry).


The route we took was very hilly…and very windy. The Expert and I were frozen.  But we kept each other going.

We made it 30 miles, and really, I was happy with that.  First, I realized that we had not been on the actual bike since Augusta in September but a few times.  There have been trainer rides and spin class (at least on the “bike” twice a week since then)… And no, I am not counting the horrific day that resulted in the broken rib.  We had to adjust my rear brake cable twice.  Best I can think is that when I locked down the brakes on the crash day, that I stretched the cable beyond words. Gotta take Andy in to All3Sports tomorrow.

Before Augusta, a fifty or sixty miler was a base ride, and while it was tough–it was just what we did.  We rode fifty miles on each weekend. In the hills.  Now, I see that I have some (lots) of base to re-build. Hopefully, next weekend will be 40 miles.  And the next 50… and then I can stick around 50-65 for a few months before stepping it up to the crazy IM distance rides.  Gains come quickly… and the more weight I lose, the better the “gains” on the bike will be.


Today was a tough Ironman distance swim, a tough ride, and I wish 50 miles was in the cards, but a hard, hilly 30 was good.

And for the first time post-ride, I didn’t stuff my face with junk. Really?  Yes, really.  After a ride, I usually stuff garbage in my face. Delicious garbage like a cheeseburger.  It’s the post-ride famine feeling.  And yes, we were starving after the ride, but at Subway… I just went with the salad and called it day.  When I walked in the door to the house, I devoured 2 clementines, 2 bananas and a string cheese (oh, the horror!).  Yeah right – that’s a GREAT feeding, dude.  Salad, fruit and cheese. Awesome.  I have turkey chili bubbling on the stove, too.


So I’m trying here.  Really trying to keep my nutrition on track amidst some hard workouts.

I’m down 6.8 pounds since December 29th. But really, that was just Thanksgiving to December butt pudding I put on.  I am still so stinking HEAVY, thrilling all the men in the world with my sexy 210 pound self.  [Insert laughter here….]  …But I am working diligently with Ilana, and logging in everything I put into my mouth and emailing my log to her….(yes, the Metabolic Boost & Burn is still the foundation of my nutrition plan). My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week between now and Coeur d’Alene, which would have me racing my first Ironman at 163 pounds.  Which would be a dream. Seriously, a dream.  


The Expert is helping me tremendously to stay on track.  He’s hard on me. Harder on me than perhaps I am on myself (if that’s possible), but he keeps me focused when he does give me verbal beatings… and I am glad for that.

Verbal beatings?

Well, for example, on Mile 27 today, I told him that I was throwing in the towel – not going to 50.  [Truth be told, he was fine with it.  But he won’t admit it.]


Me:          I’m heading back to the park. I’m frozen. I’m done, dude!

Expert:  [in voice of sarcasm] Quitting is not an option when you are tired.  Tired is not enough to make you quit. 

[I paused for a minute. What was he talking——oh!]

Me:          Are you quoting my own book back to me???

Expert:  Yes! Don’t be a hypocrite! Just keep moving forward!!

Me:          You are terrible!!!

Expert:   [laughing]  I’m just kidding. Good ride. Let’s go get warm. This is garbage, riding in 39 degrees… what are you training for….an Ironman, or something?  Do you want to see my nipples?  My headlights are so on.

Me:          You are so gross.

Expert:   Heh. Heh.


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