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Losing It (with Swim Bike Mom)


And no, I don’t mean losing your mind.

But I do mean losing it…the weight… with YOU and SBM friends (monkey hats, not included, sorry).

I’m sure many of you have heard of the weight loss app AND website,  I have been tracking every morsel I have put in my mouth since late December, along with the Metabolic Boost plan, and I am seeing a huge difference… down 9.4 pounds.



So I friended Sweet Red on LoseIt (because it’s fun like that – you can have friends!), and then I had the idea of creating an SBM group challenge.

Rest assured, while you can see what your “friends” are eating, you do not actually see what they weigh–only what they lose.  Now, you know I don’t care about blabbering my weight, but I know some do… so that’s a nice advantage.

What is Lose It?

For those of you who don’t know about Lose it… LoseIt is a great app AND website that allows its users to track food calories, weight goals, exercise.

There is a HUGE database of foods (including restaurants and supermarket foods) to choose from, and you can enter your foods for each meal and it calculates how much your daily calories are (and how much you can still eat).  Your have weight targets and estimated times for reaching your goals.

The colors, icons and system IS easy to use.  And the best part?  The groups and ability to “friend” your friends!

How Do You Join the SBM Group on Lose It?

1)  First you need an account at  It’s completely free, but there is an option for a Premium version, which is a few bucks a month (more charts, access to awesomeness, etc.), which is what I use.

2) Once you register, you can “link” your mobile phone, iPad, and other devices to it, so you’ll have mobile on the go access to your log.


3)  Then, click on “Community” on the top bar.

4)  Click on “Find Group.”

5)  Search for “Swim Bike Mom Loses.” and it’s about seven down on the list in the search results.

6)  The Group has three goals in mind: a) Log every morsel we put into our bodies, every day; b) avoid processed garbage  and b) be fit and know that we did the best we could for fueling come race day!

If you want to know the plan that I am following while using LoseIt, you can download it here.  It’s not a calorie-counting plan, but it meshes well with LoseIt.  The Metabolic Boost & Burn is about a 1500 calorie a day plan, so I know I need to be within 1500-1600 calories a day when I log.

Happy logging …and losing!