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Getting back up

Hi world. It’s Virginia, Swim Bike Kid.

This has been a tough week for me. I’ve done that ridiculous thing of letting the exhaustion take over. I’m frustrated with myself. But, I’m getting back up.

I shouldn’t say it has been this way all week. It hasn’t. Again, I am the QUEEN OF HYPERBOLE. It has been a bad few days. On Wednesday I missed my group run, and that really frustrated me. I was most frustrated with my reaction. Instead of running alone, I just sulked… had a beer …. sulked more. Thursday was a hard day at work and then a late evening followed. While I should have gone to work out around 8:00 pm when things cleared, I didn’t. Instead…..sulked….had a beer….sulked more. Smart choices, eh?

I have a tough time giving myself a break. That is really a huge understatement, but I can’t find a better word than tough. When I fall, I get very frustrated with myself and have a hard time getting back up. About 18 months ago I was close to 40 pounds heavier and in a bad place. Now, when I “fall down” on my working out, I instantly find myself back there. It is stupid. It is immature. It is not the example I want to be for my kids. I am working on it.

Anyway….I went to bed last night with resolution to turn the bad two days around. Happily, I did. I got up this morning and did my run. The run wasn’t as fast as I wanted, but I always seem to be slower when it is really dark. I’m afraid of tripping, I think. Who cares. I will say, it was cold….in the mid 20s. In my beautiful picture here you can see my lovely look which included two pairs of running tights, two shirts, a pullover with a hood, a hat under the hood, a light around my head to light up the 5:00 am road and hold my hood on, two pairs of gloves (one my husband’s ridiculously large pair), and a safety belt (safety first, folks). Nice. When I came in my husband said it was an “oompa loompa look.” Hot!

So, as I move through this Friday, this is the lesson I’m trying to remember. This is the lesson for my kids. I will fall. You will fall. Get back up. As Swim Bike Mom says, “just keep moving forward.” …..and I think it’s great to look awesomely silly doing it! 🙂

cold running attire!

Too much?


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