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The Prodigal Sign! Returns!

So my treasured sign… from my first half Ironman went missing shortly after the race.


I had big dreams of having the special sign… to be a SBM Traveling Sign.


A Traveling Sign? 

Yes. For example, when a SBM friend has a big race, we would ship the sign to them… then they would take lots of pictures at their race… then after they ROCKED their big race, they would pay it forward and ship the good luck sign to the next SBM friend with a big race.

photo (45)

Like chain mail, only better.

I even started a Google calender to reserve the sign for YOUR next big race.

photo (54)


But after the race, I had the calendar…but my big Traveling Sign dreams were dashed… the Race Fan Parking sign went missing after Miami.

I blamed the Expert. (I just *knew* he took it, and destroyed it.)


He HATED my sign. He hated that I took it EVERYWHERE around Miami in the days before the race. Including to meet Matty Reed. Matty Reed liked my sign.

photo (50)

I knew he threw it out.  But I couldn’t prove it. The circumstantial evidence was still too weak.

So I mourned the loss of the sign.  I looked for it before Augusta. It was gone.


Today, the Expert is home because we are having the bedroom painted.  He moved some furniture… the clouds parted… and joy… was revealed.

IMG_0610 (2)

2013 is going to ROCK. The sign has returned!


313136_265582623483668_140944209280844_682380_457331568_n   photo (40)

photo (44)  photo (47)

It’s baaaaaaaack! The Prodigal Sign has returned!!!!

photo (58)

Stay tuned for the SIGN CALENDAR… and how YOU can reserve the Prodigal Sign for your big race in 2013.

And if you have no idea what I am talking about —- Race Sign, what??? Check out these posts from October of last year. (And no, this does not count as a “new project.”)

Yes…. 2013 is gonna rock.


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