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Back in the Saddle

Text message to Sweet Red last night:
I don’t want to get on the bike tomorrow. I’m just going to spin.

Return text message:
You are not bailing on me. I just got my clips fixed. (She said some other things I won’t repeat too… )

But I listened to her. And I showed up.

I don’t know why I was dreading getting back on the bike. The actual bike.  I’ve been spinning every week since Augusta 70.3, but not back on Andy

Poor Andy still had water in his aero bottle and the race number on his top tube from the race.

But I am glad I went. Was truly a beautiful day to be on the bike. Started out a little chilly, but warmed up nicely.

We did about 30ish (ish) miles… and it took us a long while (because at one point we stopped and talked for 20 minutes. Yes. 20. Shut up)… but it was fun and nice to be out in the sun with my girl, Sweet Red.

Sweet Red is also “boosting” with me (meaning she is following Ilana’s nutritional Metabolic Boost plan).  We are henceforth calling ourselves the Olsen Twins because: 1) everyone says we look alike, and 2) we are going to be lean and mean like the Olsens before it’s over. 

Okay, so fine… it’s a little bit of a stretch.   I’m holding steady at 6.6 pounds of weight loss in 5 days;  Sweet Red is 5 pounds down.

Anyway, Sweet Red showed up wearing some Swim Bike Mom cycling shorts.  Some shorts which I gave to her to put on Swim Bike Sell to consign. (Sweet Red is the head honcho at Swim Bike Sell, by the way…).  SO anyway, I gave her some shorts to list and sell…which she then promptly took out of the Swim Bike Sell store… and declared her new shorts. Ha ha ha.  Fine.  I owe her. She’s running Swim Bike Sell like a mastermind… I have to give her some props (and apparently all of my extra too-small tri gear… she’s the skinny Olsen.)  

Oh, and the Magic Nightgown was back.  There’s a house on our ride route that always has a nightgown hanging in the garage.  Not when it’s rainy or too early in the morning… but otherwise, yes.  This time it was a flannel, purple plaid number (as opposed to the white summer one)… I have to know what it means

The Expert was being his normally saint-like self, and he had the kids at the gym with him… so I just enjoyed a metabolically wonderful meal by myself, in peace and quiet.  Just bracing myself for when the Swim Bike Kid Tornado descends upon the house any minute now.  Better get to that pile of laundry too…

Surprisingly delicious: salad, tuna and avocado on Ezekiel English muffin. Metabolically perfect. Woot.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

(AND….. Goooooo Dawgs! :))

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