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A Coaching Nightmare?

Many of you have asked me, “Will you coach me?”

And I always said, “Who? Me? What can I possible do for you except hang out at a Dairy Queen and giggle with you about Spandex? I eat too much, I train like a maniac and I sign up for races that are waaaaay too big for me.”

I imagined I’d be a coaching nightmare.

I could envision an athlete asking me, “Should I do this huge race?” And I would say, “Heck yeah! When do we start!? Wahoooooooo!”  I’m too enthusiastic, or crazy…or something.

But then the emails kept on coming. “I want you to be my coach.” Then whining: “Why won’t you coach me? I just need the accountability, the motivation, you sound like my long lost twin sister.” Seriously, though… How could I even begin to help someone? I mean, for real – like not in the imaginary blog world?  In real life triathlon world?  I mean, what do I really know about triathlon?

But then, I realized that after two years of triathlon immersion, breaking a foot, spraining the other foot, finishing two half Irons, writing a book, brushing elbows with some of the best triathlon, nutrition and sports injury prevention people I know (as well as Coach Monster telling me, “I think you would be a great coach”….awww, he likes me, he really does… ha ha)…  I might know a little bit about triathlon.  At least a little bit about coaching beginners.  Because I was just there…

I could try it.

I decided I would dabble. I would coach dabble. I would dabble at coaching.  See what’s up with it. See if I could. Muhahahah… I just needed a few very brave athletes to “let” me coach them.

After finishing the book, I began to work with a few beginner triathletes on the down-low.  And they are doing great. Great.  Then over the last week, I took on a few more beginners. Yay!

As for me… well, I am loving it.  So much.  So much, that I’m going after my USAT certification.  (This is the part when the Expert shakes his head, and says, “You couldn’t even ride a bike when I met you.  Who are you? Are you really my wife? Now a triathlon coach…holy guacamole.”)

While Coach Monster and I have not worked out whether or not we will come together with coaching in the future, I have decided that I would extend the invite for me to help a few more of you.  I can’t remember who reached out to me in the beginning when I said “No no no,” so I thought the best (and fairest) way possible would be to just ask you guys via my loud mouth medium—social media.

If you are interested in having personalized training plans, having someone yell, “Just Keep Moving Forward” over email and in your voicemail (all the time)… then I’m your gal.  I will give you some good “rah rahs,” but I’m also not going to let you slack.  Afterall, I have been trained in the dojo of the Coach Monster. I have evil ways too. I’m a coaching nightmare, after all…but in a good way. 🙂

So I have a few openings available for triathletes wanting to get to a first triathlon, a next or a bigger one. So— I’ve put it out there and please feel free to email me with questions or if you are certain you want to move forward, you can start the process here, under SBM Coaching Services.  The link is:, and you’ll want to choose the SBM Coaching (New Athlete). After checkout, a form will be downloadable for you to complete, and then we can get started. [When the slots are filled, the services will show “sold out.”]

*In the event that Coach Monster and I “join evil forces” in coaching efforts anytime the future, anyone who I am currently coaching will have first dibs on being included on the Monster roster.


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