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Swim. Bike. Run. Sunburn. Yeah.

Met Yoda at Mary Alice Park at 7:30 this morning for a “little” swim, bike and run.  The Expert had his swim, bike and run yesterday with SBM friend, Mark, and had a great day.  I was a tad nervous setting out. This was a big workout, dude.

Almost 1 mile swim. Almost 50 mile bike ride–in some wicked elevation (same ride as last week, minus a few miles). And a 6 Mile Run.

Tough workout. Tired. Too tired to type in complete…. oh, sentences. Sorry… dozed off for a…. bit.

We started off with a “mass swim” start… with a bunch of ducks. Or geese. Or whatever.  Yoda wasn’t too keen on this.

“I never swim here,” she said.


“It’s too far of a drive.  And plus, the ducks.”   Hilarious.  Luckily, a boat cleared the way for us.

As Yoda and I were climbing and climbing, we saw two dudes on bikes heading the opposite way. I waved, as I usually do to all passing cyclists… and then heard someone yell, “Go Meredith!”

I had no idea who it was.  I get a surprising lot of “woohoo Swim Bike Mom” when I’m on the bike… but my real name??

Yoda snickered and said, “Who was that? Who knows you by Meredith?

Later… I text messaged Coach Monster:  What a beautiful day to be on a bike. (And it was).

Return text message from Coach Monster: Amen. I saw you on Yellow Creek Road… a great day indeed.

Mystery solved!

My dear coach saw me and hooped for me. Too bad I was riding uphill in my aerobars at the time. Party foul. Oh well, I was tired.  He was out there putting down 60 miles in… 3 hours.  No big deal. 6000 feet of elevation or something like that.

The day ended at Ralph’s house…. er, I mean Ansley’s… with a birthday party for her four-year old daughter.  The kiddos played and played… I got lots of hugs and time with my babies tonight…

… I got an even weirder sunburn… but it was an amazing day.

Nice burn, baby.

As I rolled into the house after a stop at the grocery store with the munchkins… I unpacked the car, tubbied the kids, tucked them in and sat down to write…

I looked at my dirty house, I was reminded of this…

As I watched my two incredible good, happy kids play tonight… I felt like a good decent mom for the first time in a very long time.

We all do the best we can, but sometimes I think triathlon is taking too much time away from them.  But times like tonight, when I get amazing hugs and love and we all have a great time… I realize that triathlon is only adding to our family.  Truly, truly.  Happy mom, happy kids… Healthy, bike riding kids. Wonderful workout, great time with my kids. Happy day.


Have a great week everyone.

Augusta 70.3… 3 weeks.  Let the fun begin!


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