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Happy Yoga Month!

This is a SPONSORED Post by Athleta

When I first began tri-ing, I did yoga once a week with the Expert.  I was amazed at the benefits.  But as I ramped up the “important” workouts (swimming, biking and running), my yoga habit fell away.

And now I am left with decreased flexibility and lots of hip and back pain.  Time to get yoga-ing again.

Just a little yoga with the kid.

In a very timely way, September is National Yoga Month! …and one of my favorite sportswear companies, Athleta, is kicking it off with a bang. I am excited to be involved because I want to get my butt back in my yoga pants (and not because I like the stretch… which I do….but….)

I love my Athleta catalog.  While I may never have the ideal body, I love that the women in the Athleta pages embody fitness, strength and beauty – not just skin and bones with big boobs.  I see those women and think, yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

With squeezing in 10-20 housr of training a week… who has time for yoga?  And how, as a triathlete, will yoga truly benefit you as a runner, cyclist and swimmer?

Check out these links, and see.  Yoga for Runners; Yoga for Swimmers; and Yoga for Cyclists

Do you want to try yoga, but have no idea where to start? Here’s a host of resources for Yoga Newbies.

Finally, if you love a contest – there’s a yoga Instagram contest.  For details, you can go here: Embrace the Yoga Challenge: Poses for the Instagram Contest.

And in the meantime…Happy Yoga-ing!


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