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Freaking Out


My right knee hurts.  To the point that I can’t run without sharp, stinging pain. I could only swim with a pull float this morning. Kicking hurts. Not just sore.  Hurt. Zinging. Tearing and grinding pain. Moving my leg under my desk hurts. Going down stairs. Hurt. Pain.  Noooooo.

Why, oh why?  10 days until the race?  And this? Noooooo.

It doesn’t hurt. It feels fine. No worries, mate.

The things I am repeating to myself.

I go see Dr. Miracle Man Hands again tomorrow.   Dr. MMH is going to heal me. I just know it.

It doesn’t hurt. This is all good. I’m strong enough, I’m smart enough and… well…

Augusta 70.3 is happening…even if I have to drag myself across that finish-line… Afterall, it’s only pain.

So there.

[Yoda says maybe it’s “Phantom Taper Pain.”  Yes, yes… we’ll go with that.]


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