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Bobby Ray, I’ll Be Back!


Every time I drop the kids off at the gym activity center, I watch the other parents doing the same…

“Bobby Ray, I’ll be back after I run.”

“Bobby Ray, I’ll pick you up in a bit.”

The kids are sometimes crying, sometimes whining and the parents are gripping their running shoes, with a wild look in their eyes…. If this kid doesn’t go into that child center…

“Go in now, Bobby Ray. Go–go–go, no, you are fine – they are playing Lion King…”

And the more the kids cry, the more the parents are watching the clock— I can almost read their minds —-“I only have two hours, and this kid is checked IN… how am I going to get in the run AND the swim at this rate…the clock is ticking…”

“Bobby Ray, you’re going to be fine. Go, now, go Bobby Ray….”

Finally, Bobby Ray decides he can handle it.
Or Bobby Ray’s dad just gives up and lets Bobby Ray scream.  And he walks out.

No matter how the kids are dropped off in the gym daycare (happy kids, crying kids)…. the look on the parent’s face walking out of the child center is the same–no matter which parent (mother or father), no matter what time of day (morning or night)…. the parents always look the same.

The look  is —> Hallelujah. I am free. 

The Swim Bike Kids LOVE the gym activity center… well, it IS their home-away-from-home. 🙂

Today, as I dropped the Swim Bike Kids off in the center, I watched Bobby Ray’s dad actually clap his hands as he walked into the men’s locker room, clutching his running shoes under his arm.  He clapped his hands!! Ha!

Not that we, as parents, don’t adore and love the kiddos.  But who says working out is for your physical health?? Go unload those kids and take a mental health break too.  Your kids will have fun.  They will burn off some energy and… you’ll be as good as new…

Happy Saturday!



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