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Swim Bike Mom Does… Haiku?

Me and dear Coach Monster. Coach M wearing his Swim Bike Mom top. Aw.
[Picture taken after the beating that was Spinning Class this AM.]

Lawdy, there’s a whole lotta new Swim Bike People out there!!

I’m so excited to “meet” you guys and get to know all tens of thousands of you, personally. I am great with names…let’s see how I do. Ha ha!  Because there are so many new friends out there, I thought I’d give you a run down about who I am and what this website and “dream” is about.

To spice things up, today… I thought I’d tell my story in a series of poorly written haiku.

The Swim Bike Mom Story.
in haiku

Me. Once so fatty.
Unhappy with all my life.
Why so so so fat?

A husband: the Expert
Two kids so very noisy
A law job I hated.

I thought I gave up.
On fit or happy again.
Then Coach Monster spin.

Changed my way of thought.
You can do a tri, he said.
You are crazy, man.

Coach M supporting the SBMers.

But I did a tri.
And then a few more others.
Triathlon saved me.

The Expert trains too
And he does flying dismounts.
He is a show-off.

The Infamous Bike Dismount.

But I love him more
Now than ever; I thank tri
It makes me nicer.

So here we all are.
The bestest triathlon pals
Tri-ing together.

(Yay, us!)

Hope you aren’t missing out on the PT Solutions Acworth Women’s Tri on Sunday! Check out all the goodies! Wah-hoo!

So that’s the gist of Swim Bike Mom.

Two years ago, I started out as an over-tired, over-worked, wife, mother and working stiff who was miserable, fat and more miserable and fat.  I found triathlon, and it changed it my life. And continues to change my life!

Triathlon has “saved” many of you.  Triathlon will save many of you.  If you just give it a shot.

The SBM mantra?  Just Keep Moving Forward.

This means you keep your eyes ahead, you move steadily and you do not give up. Ever.  You make sure that one bad day doesn’t break your focus and you stay centered the best you can.  You will fall, but you get up and keep moving. You move forward.  You do your best to take care of yourself, inside and out. You listen to your mind, which begins to tell you:  yes, you can do this.  You stop listening to the voices that say otherwise.

To start you off, here’s a list of the most “hit” Swim Bike Mom posts. Some are funny, some are not.  If you are going to read one post and one post only, I recommend this one: Happy Blog Birthday.  This post will give you an idea of just what ONE YEAR can do.

But….Happy Friday! And welcome to all the new friends. And hello to all my old… (er…experienced) friends. Have a great weekend!

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