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How the Times Change…

I had to post the juxtaposition of these two photos.

The first is a picture of my shoes from last year, right before I swore off heels. These were pretty standard daily shoes… until I found myself in the thick of triathlon training.  Oh, I loved fancy shoes….

But even after I wrote that old post, I actually did not swear off fancy shoes entirely… I went flat for a bit, but I was back to the habit of the heels like a crack addict.  Why does my hip hurt??

…it took me some hard lessons.

I did not swear off the stilettos until I broke my right foot (while wearing precious khaki green wedges) and sprained my left foot (wearing adorable brown leather wedges).

Well, as I got ready at the gym today, I realized that the color and “genre” of my shoe had not changed…

…but oh, how the fanciness has.

Strapped in. Flat. Sensible. Lame. Ready to rock.

Next stop: Easy Spirit!  I hear they’re having a sale!!!

Welcome to triathlon.  Where your feet and hips suddenly become more important than the sassy shoes.


I never thought I’d see the day.



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