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The Bucket List

I am about ten years late to get on board with a Bucket List.

But I feel that triathlon has taught me so much about myself these past two years, I was ill-prepared to make any sort of goals or aspirations before then.  Strange? Maybe. Me strange? Oh, what else is new?

When I sat down to write My Official Bucket List, I felt strange.  Mostly because my list was so short.  What did it mean?  A short bucket list? Did it mean that my life was fulfilling? Or that I didn’t dream big enough?  Hmmm….

At first thought, I could only think of five things for my Bucket List.

1) Finish an Ironman.

2) Go back to New York City.

3) Write a book.

4) Ride a mechanical bull.

5) Drink wine and eat cheese with the Expert in Venice, while wearing a paisley scarf, red lipstick and riding in a gondola being maneuvered by someone who looks like Clive Owen.  (This one is very specific.)

Strange. Really?  Is that all I want to do before I die?
What does it mean?  What. Does. It. Mean?  Waaaaaa…

Then I started thinking of things I would like to do – not just things I need to do before I died. I realized that my Bucket List had taken on a theme of a “chore” – an actual “list” that I had to complete and that stressed me out…..

When I viewed the list as things I needed to get done – I wanted to make it short, so I could accomplish it.

But when I thought of things I would like to do before I died… well, the floodgates opened. I started writing and I could have gone on for days.

….Take a trip to Fuji. Buy something from Cartier and return it the next day.  Trail run and like it. Learn to make stained glass. Lay on a beach buck naked in the middle of a crowd and not care. Climb Kilimanjaro. Learn to throw and fire a pot. Go to Kona (to watch once, and to race just once… I know, I know). Run a marathon. Sleep in a hammock on a beach all night long. Make fresh orange juice. Take cooking classes.  Try foie gras without puking. Travel to Japan. Go to a Bon Jovi concert (again). See the Mayan ruins. Run the Leadville Marathon. Go streaking.  Visit Germany. Take a Tour de France vacay. Live in my hometown again, just for a year or two. Take art lessons. Learn to play darts so I can win in any bar, on any continent. Learn to make origami swans. Go platinum blonde. Go to one of those fancy island resorts and sleep in a mosquito netted hut like in the Twilight movies. Learn to sail. Get a proper bra fitting. See Montipichu. Visit Mexio. Write a ridiculous novel like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and make millions to fund my bucket list. Do the Alcatraz swim. Learn to deep water fish. See Tori Amos in concert where I don’t want to pull out my ears. Go to Holland and buy some clogs. Learn to salsa. Sing karaoke, just once….

and on and on and on….

What’s on your Bucket List?



  • Jessica

    July 24, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    Girl, you could knock so many of these off easy without spending tons of money. Set a goal to do 5 of the little ones a year! As for me, the main one is to do an Ironman and also to run a marathon with my kids someday (they’re 4 now). I’m doing my first half ironman this weekend.

  • Jillian

    July 25, 2012 at 9:11 am

    I too want to write a book. I want to not just go to Kona, but actually qualify. I also want to qualify for Vegas. I hope one day to develop the speed required to obtain these 2 goals

  • Stef

    July 25, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Doing Kona is totally possible. I have a friend who puts in for the lottery every year and he’s gone twice. That is if you don’t have a problem getting in via lottery. I for one LOVE the lottery — love that it’s there (I have no desire to race Kona ever).

    #1 on my bucket list right now is to spend next summer living somewhere other than the convection oven that is Las Vegas. Simple but clear. Sometimes that’s how it has to be for me. 🙂

  • jean

    July 25, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Instead of looking at what you havent done, focus on what you have done! A bucket half full list.

    My biggest dream was to travel Europe with my kids. I saved up for over a year. Airfare dropped, and I knew it was time! No more waiting for “some day”. I put backpacks on 3 kids, grabbed a fodor’s guide and hopped on an airplane without having time to book a single hotel. We stayed in a farm house in Irelands countryside, climbed around the ruins of the Roman Coliseum at sunset, and ate fruit and cheese with fresh baguettes in Paris. We did it all cheap, staying in neighborhoods outskirting the city, hanging with the locals. My kids still talk about it : )

  • Kim Possible

    July 28, 2012 at 8:36 am

    I think you started your list early! Mine didn’t really start until I had gotten my husband through med school, residency,etc. My kids to 15 and 20, and haven driven them thousands of miles and eventually championships in sports. Then I realized the lady in mirror was lost and had no idea who she was! Within a year of started Crossfit I started the list with a scary 5k and from there the gates opened. I loved the article in the Tri magazine about being in the back of the pack! I could have written it! Like Jean I keep a done deal list. Next up is swim 1000m. Thanks to breaking the foot 12 weeks ago, I’m half way there! Goodbye Wilson, bring on the finish lineS!


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