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Be Kind To Yourself

Just hang on to whatever you can find. Even if it’s the “Two Mile” sign. But don’t stop. Keep going!

Dear My Newbie Triathlete Friends,

So you want to do a triathlon? I applaud you.  Congratulations on the first big step (admitting your craziness!)

Next, seriously… congratulate yourself.  You have made a decision to change.  You may not know how to make it happen – but you know you want to change.


Now. Tell someone who will be supportive of your fragile dream, if possible.

Obviously, we all have different circumstances and people in our lives. Some of us have supportive spouses, friends and family. Others have buttheads for family who beat them up emotionally at every turn.  If you have no one in your life who will support your new quest, then your resolve must be strong from the outset.

If you are unsure if you can withstand hurtful comments or stares from others, then keep your goals quiet until you are certain you have become strong enough to withstand the negativity.  You may be starting this journey from a place of rawness, a place resulting from years of fatness or sadness or defeat.  Remember to take care of yourself and treat yourself gently as you begin.

I can promise you a few things if you start out…

You will fall down.  You will struggle. You will question whether the triathlon decision is worth it. Others will make fun of you. They might say cruel things to you: You will never be a triathlete, who are you kidding? Do not forget you are experiencing a process. Do not give up.

During this process of training for and completing your first race, you will be learning about a sport, but you will also be learning about yourself.

You may not like the person you have been for many years.

You may be filled with regret.

Strangely, triathlon will help you work through these emotions because you will be experiencing yourself in a new way. No matter where you start and where you go, remember four words: Be. Kind. To. Yourself.

Your journey will lead you to the person you want to be.  Keep your eyes forward, your head up.  You are strong. You are worthy.  I promise.

Just Keep Moving Forward.


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