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Update II: Our Fellow Triathlete

Many of you have asked for updates on our fellow triathlete and new friend, Kirsten, who was injured on the bike course at Iron Girl Atlanta on May 20th.  

Here’s an update from the Facebook page:

“Kirsten has had a very very busy week! We are trying to catch our breath with all the changes taking place.

Kirsten is talking up a storm – some of it is cloudy, some makes perfect sense. Her brain is still waking up. She knew her high school and college, and remembered the full name of her elementary school. Yesterday, she wrote the first three letters of her name.

She is eating solid foods on a regular schedule every day, but still has the PEG in for nighttime feeding to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs. Yesterday, she held a spoon in her left hand (handling it like a pro) and ate a whole plastic container of yogurt by herself. She even scraped the bottom of the bowl to get every last bit! She’s eating solid foods like cereal, bacon, rolls with butter & jam, fish, sweet potatoes and even iced tea (pushing the straw aside like Kirsten always does and drinking right from the cup).

BIG NEWS: Yesterday she stood up and took two steps!! 

They have changed the trach out to a very small one and will hopefully take it out completely in the next few days. Then they will focus on being able to remove the PEG.

The doctors and therapists are all pleased with her progress and optimistic about her recovery, but Kirsten still needs your prayers…”

* * *

Way to go, Kirsten!  We continue to pray for you! 

The donations you all contributed were sent to Kirsten’s family two weeks ago.  Thank you all again for the amazing spirit and generosity.  Kirsten’s husband said to pass along “many thanks” and that you are all “simply amazing.”


  • Kayron

    August 1, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    I’m just now getting caught up and reading all your blog posts! Thanks so much for posting about Kirsten. What a great community you all are. It kind of makes me want to train for a tri (if it wasn’t for the biking)!


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