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Smiles and Generosity

*DONATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you all for your donations!  We raised over $7500!!

Kirsten Walker’s  sedation was lowered yesterday.  She opened one eye and smiled a small smile.  I read this update from Facebook and I cried tears of joy.  The road is long, but here shines hope!

After, I went to spin class with Coach Monster and I almost threw up after pushing too hard, but then I cried tears of happiness…just so thankful that I can be a part of our wonderful sport.  I am thankful that I am able to run again after breaking my foot. Even though it’s 2 miles only, it’s still progress. As I run, lately, I think about Kirsten. And  I pray that Kirsten, too, will be able to run again someday soon.  We must remember our blessings, friends.  For no matter our troubles – we still have many more blessings.

Finally, when I reached the office… I opened my email and I cried more – for I saw $750 MORE in donations from you guys for Kirsten and her family!

I am so proud and happy and moved by the outpouring from this community.  I love you guys, I really do.  We are such a great support network for each other, and for that, I am moved.  I will continue to take donations through midnight tonight.  If you haven’t yet, please consider just skipping a coffee or a meal this week and sending on to help one of our own. The medical bills are going to be outrageous, and I am so thankful we can help put a small dent into them….

You can continue to follow Kirsten’s progress here on Facebook. *DONATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you all for your donations!  We raised over $7500!!

My plan is to, once all the donations “clear” by early next week, I will visit the hospital with check on Wednesday or Thursday next week. Will be sure to do a follow-up post, and let you guys know the final donation amount.

Shout outs!
Good luck to Tina O. who is doing her first tri this weekend!  To Diane – yes you can – starting is the hardest part. Cathryn J., show that second tri who’s boss. Heather B. – rock it out. Jennifer, Jenny, Melissa and Vicky – do your thing and good luck!  Anyone else who is racing or thinking of starting… you can do it and good luck!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Love to you all….
….and Just Keep Moving Forward.


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  • Jen H

    June 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    1. Thanks for setting up the donation site. You rock.
    2. I finally got off my a$$ and donated.
    3. I signed up for Augusta Half IRONMAN! Par-tay at the finish line!


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