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Awareness, Gratefulness and the Triathlon Connection

I got on the scale this morning after an almost three week hiatus. My diet has not been horrific, but let’s just say that my book, Swim Bike Mom: 12 Ways to Show Your Abs, will not be published anytime this century.  After my last post about the scale, I was told by you guys to stay off it. So I did.  But I also ate more (because I wasn’t weighing).  I got on the scale this morning. 

As you know, I did the giant weight reveal on May 6th.  Interestingly, I am down 5 pounds since then….and I have not been diligent and have been deaing with some stressors.  The way I have been eating should have shown a weight gain.  But there was no gain.  (Thank you, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey.)

The last three weeks have been busy (duh), but also full of change. 

Biggest change: I accepted a new job.  Still in the legal field, but a non-litigation position (read: no more court. ever. ever. ever). I leave my current one at the end of the month.  Whereas this could be a stressor, I think that my body has actually breathed a sigh of non-litigation relief, released some internal stress with this decision, and my body has responded by not hoarding fat cells.  

I am running again. Actually, running.  I did five miles on Saturday.  Five.  After breaking my foot in February, walking only in May with a ONE mile run, I am thrilled with this result.  My first run back was three weeks ago, and I am excited.  Even at at 13:00 minute mile pace, I felt like I was free, and flying. When you can’t run, you miss it. Period. So remember that, when you are gritting through and thinking of running as a chore: it gets easier every day, and if you couldn’t do it- you’d miss it! While I wish I was at a 10:00 minute pace, but the way I see it

I have done this journey once before. I will do it again. And again. No matter how many times I have to re-start.

Awareness & Gratefulness
Something has changed within me over the last week, and I think it’s as simple as awareness and gratefulness. And I think it ties into my weight too.  My mom posted a quote on Facebook recently:

“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh alot and realize how blessed you are.”

I posted it on my desktop and I read it constantly. Interestingly, I have seen the direct correlation between running, awareness and gratefulness.  The time I am able to swim, bike or run restores my awareness and expands my perception of my life.  I am immeasurable more blessed when I run in the morning.  Have my blessings increased? No.  But my awareness has increased.

Think about it. 

When you are done with a workout, don’t you feel more alive?  The day feels more manageable? Even if that workout almost killed you that day – but it didn’t – how much more powerful do you feel? When you are training, does the weightloss/scale scenario better (even if ever so slightly)?

On this Tuesday, take the time to become aware of your body, your spirit and your blessings. 

Some of us right now are hurting beyond words and suffering through the unimaginable.  I cannot say I understand what each of you is going through… but I can say that when I have suffered, my awareness made a difference. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of your training and what you are doing.  It’s more than race day. It’s more than a tight set of buns (which I have not found yet.)  The simple movement of forward motion may be enough to save you.

Sometimes taking a walk, a ride or a swim will wash away the horrific pain and stains, just for a brief time, which may give your spirit just enough re-charge and power to go on.


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