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Tuesday Time Out

Thank you all for your awesome emails and comments since my post yesterday. It is good to know that I am not alone.  After I posted that blog, I was chatting with one of my San Diego besties, Life Coach Carrie, and she made me pinky promise with her that we would do better and be better to ourselves. Now, a pinky promise was a bit of a logistical impossibility 3,000 miles away, but you get the idea. I like to honor my pinky promises.  

(Me and Life Coach Carrie, January 2012.
Crazy TRX workout. My core is STILL sore from that workout.)

Oh… and I put my scale away again last night.  If you’ll remember the other day I posted my weight (218.8 – the horror)… well, last night I weighed. Which was stupid because it was at the end of the day, I had a good work out, I was very hydrated, had eaten alot of volume food and salt, was fully dressed….

The scale said 227.
EIGHT POUNDS UP? I swear to you, I almost crashed it against the wall. 

Even though I damn well knew that I was easily carrying 10 pounds of clothing, food, salt and water and that in order to have accurate results, you must weigh at the same time each day and under the same circumstances (e.g., take the bricks out of your pockets and don’t weigh carrying your child).

I know these things.  I emailed Ilana (my nutritionist) and she talked me off the ledge. Anyway, I put the scale away after that. And I felt a huge sense of relief again.  (Read THIS POST about hiding your scale if you haven’t and let me know what you think…)


Today, I am stronger than I was yesterday (cue Kelly Clarkson: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stonger!)  I wasn’t so great yesterday. Anyway, I have eaten well. I will eat well for dinner. (Positive Affirmations! Full food disclosure:  protein smoothie, banana, apple, salad with almonds so far today). 

This morning, I completed my workout in its entirety. I swam in the outdoor pool (ahhhhh). I swam for 2000 meters, and then I swam for 450 more.  I didn’t wimp out.

Keep the smile.

Maybe I am having such a good day because I didn’t weigh this morning and the number on the scale isn’t banging around in my head. 


When our days seem cloudy, we must remember that we have ALOT to be thankful for. We all do. Yes, things could be better.

But how many of our problems are really “First World Problems“? 

I am trying to spend more time thinking like my daughter.  If she spoke eloquently, I imagine this coming out of her, like the E*Trade babyGet it together, Mom. Just put on your pearls and bring your backup jewelry along for the ride. A touch of color gives us perspective.

Finally… Iron Girl Atlanta… just five days away!

I know many of you are racing/spectating, so listen up! We are having a Swim Bike Mom lunch event after the race.  If you are interested in coming and meeting your ATL area Iron Girls and hanging out with us, please email me here and let me know so I can include you on the details list! No, you do not have to be a mom.

I hope to see you guys on the course. I will be the one walking the 5k because I am not cleared to run. So slap me on the rear end and say, “Hi Swim Bike Mom!”


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  • carrie@ Tempo Life Coachin

    May 16, 2012 at 6:06 am

    I logged on to see what what my favorite SBM had to say today, and all I saw was "pinky promise." Uh oh!! Glad you put the scale away and feel better today.

    And Hey, I'll be walking the "run" portion of my race on Sunday as well. I should just come out and walk with you (then i wouldn't have to get in the ocean…he!)

    Keep up the great work, Meredith!

    Carrie (who keeps her pinky promises too)

  • Charity

    May 16, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    I'll make it a mental slap on the butt! I can't wait until Sunday…:) BTW…I can easily gain 8-10 pounds in one day. With absolutely no rhyme or reason. I thought I was the only one! Hormones…

  • Coach Kimmie

    May 17, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Woohoo! Put that scale away and just feeeeel gooooood… I love reading about your experiences & journey – thank you for sharing! Kick some booty this week and I’ll be waiting to hear race results!!


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