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I Ran.

I ran one mile. It took me thirteen minutes and three seconds –  the first official run since breaking my foot. Considering that I ran 13.1 at an 11:00 minute mile pace just 16 weeks ago… I was a little blown away at the slowness, the difficulty.

But as I was running and Snow Patrol started playing and… I started crying. True to my big fat sissy form. Running and crying – I know it’s good when those world collide.

I. Was. Just. So. Glad. To. Be. Running. And. Healthy. And. Alive.

Remember that during your next hard run.  Remember why we do this and why it’s worth it.  I have missed running more than I ever thought possible.  It’s good to be back. Slow or no.

Just. Keep. Moving. Forward. XO.

Now… time to grill out! Happy Memorial Day everyone.


  • Jennifer H

    May 29, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Your 13:03 pace is still faster than mine, sista. Nonetheless, I have gone a bit crazy and decided to sign up for the same Olympic race I did laster year before taking my pregnancy hiatus. I don’t think I’m ready, but I really want to see where I am against last year’s time. And this year, I’ll be wearing my fancy new Swim Bike Mom tri kit.


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