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Bourbon, Belugas & Heroes

Last night was the Getting2Tri Foundation’s benefit Bourbon & Belugas at Georgia Aquarium.  
What an amazing event, with “splash” awards to awesome Getting2Tri heroes, like Scott Rigsby and Cadie Jessup.
Scott Rigsby, double amputee, and two-time Kona finisher
Cadie Jessup, single amputee, coach and motivational speaker
As you know, Getting2Tri and its founder, Mike Lenhart (“McBlessings“) are near and dear to my heart, so if you guys don’t know about the organization or would like to learn about paratriathlon, G2T is a great place to start.
Jason Gunter, double amputee, and Kona hopeful

This was the foot’s (sans Wilson) first night out.

I wore some flipflops. I was thinking I was doing pretty good and looking semi-okay in a cocktail dress and beach shoes until I heard a woman’s voice:  “Oh yeah, my shoes are horrible, I am so embarrassed. But I have a broken 5th metarsal toe right now, so it’s the best I could do.” Hearing “metatarsal” made me stop. I spun around to see this gorgeous, blonde woman in sky-high platform shoes.  Oh, well.  Fashion police arrest me. I’m taking care of this foot.

But then, I felt like a complete idiot, to worry about my shoes at an event benefiting heroic athletes who have experienced limb loss.  Perspective is everywhere, and I am so thankful to know McBlessings and Getting2Tri.

Whale shark!
Me and Kelly (a/k/a “Giggles”)

The Expert and I head to New Orleans tomorrow. Sadly, not to compete. But excitedly to kick back, relax and cheer on Coach Monster and SBM friends, Robyn B. and Luke H.  If anyone else will be down there, please let me know, so we can say “hi!”  I am looking desperately for my beloved, yet missing, Race Parking sign

Tonight, I am hitting a book party for Train Like a Mother hosted by the ladies who wrote the book, Dimity and Sarah…. I was invited to be Ilana Katz’, nutritionist extraordinaire, “date” for the evening. Yay!


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