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Tears of Joy

Okay, so I cry all the time. Yes, I know. But tonight, I cracked open a giant box, and I cried tears of joy. The shipment of Tri Kits came in! Oh, they are so beautiful. Really, and not because I am partial. They are flattering. Seriously. I am impressed. Thanks to Hawk Racing, big time.

Check it out. I am fatter than I’ve been in a long while and wearing a boot… and the suit only reveals fifteen fat rolls (I really have about fifty-eight).

My three year old, who refuses to wear clothes even loved the suit. She is wearing drawers, though, in these pics. Seriously. I’m not putting that stinky three year old tooshy on my new tri suit. I kid, I kid. No, I don’t kid.

I think I was so teary …because I love my Swim Bike Mom friends, and this blog journey has been incredible. So many new Swim Bike Moms – ladies who never knew they could tri… are doing it! And now we have KITS to prove it! Whoop! I have received SO much encouragement from you guys, and I consider so many of you friends, and some of you have asked to move in with me… (so that would make you…family?!)

Anyway, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and boot for all the love and support. I am DYING to get out of this boot and back on the road!

I will pick up the UPS envelopes/boxes tomorrow… so all of you who ordered, I’ll be sending out Saturday at the latest! I spent tonight getting them ready…wrapped ’em up all purty, sticked ’em, and sealed ’em with SBM love.

For those of you wanting to order (kits, cycling gear, etc.), we’ll do a round of new orders soon. I will give you plenty of warning. I am so happy. They are really, really awesome, flattering and ….awesome. Squeal!


All suited up, booted up, with no race to go!
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