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Love, STRONG, and Balance

Speaking of love.  I love this girl:  Cheryl Haworth
She is one of my best forever buds and Olympic weightlifter extraordinarie. I knew this awesome girl before she was THE girl, and I am so proud of her.  Check out this trailer for the new documentary about her: Strong.

 Today, also since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, I thought about leaving Conversation Hearts on my Ironwoman’s Windshield:

The Expert and I are Valentine’s Grinches – we never celebrate the V day – I’m not sure when we decided that.  I think it started somewhere in college when were broke.  Now, I think we don’t celebrate it because all of our romantic bones were given away in the labor and delivery rooms. 

Or we’re lazy.  Not sure.

The receptionist at work called me this morning to tell me that I had received flowers.  I was like, “What? No way. We don’t do Valentine’s Day.”
Turns out, she read the card wrong.  Was for another “M” name at the office. And the funny thing was that I did not care an ounce.  I texted the Expert and told him, and then he said he felt bad.  
“No way,” I said.  “We’re saving  for that Juicer!”  
The Expert and I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead the other night, and now we want a juicer.  And Dave Ramsey would say, we must save for our juicer.  I’d rather save for my juicer than get some flowers that will make me sneeze for yet another week.
Funny when you think about acquiring anything at all …how almost anything requires a push and pull, a give and take.  You must always give up something, to gain something else.  
The question is: what is important? What do you want to gain?

For work to be going super well, my family life and triathlon training gives a little, sometimes a lot. For triathlon to be rocking, work seems to give and family time is diminished.  And then there’s marriage and other family and bills and fun. 

The key word is balance and balance is not romantic.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I don’t wish you the standard love and romance. I wish you balance.  Why? Because balance is a bigger deal than all the candy in the world. Candy, which we do not need. Unless it’s peanut butter hearts. I need those…. 


  • Matthew Smith

    February 14, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    First, Jenn and I don't really "DO" Valentine's Day either.

    Second, what a roller coaster ride with the flowers. That would be a let down! 🙁

    Third: I love Dave Ramsey…keep saving for that juicer. It'll make everything taste better if you do it that way!

    Have a good one!

  • Anonymous

    February 14, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Great post!! Very timely for me, as I am struggling to give up eating in/for the moment in order to gain a healthier/leaner body. It is a give and take – but I want to take and not give.

    My husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day either. I hate the whole cruel idea of having an entire day devoted to making single people feel single and alone. Bah humbug!

    (Of course, tomorrow I will be in the store thinking about buying some of those Reese's hearts when they are 50% off…)

  • Leah

    February 15, 2012 at 12:03 am

    You crack me up with your Ironwoman stocking thoughts or in this case conversation hearts! Love it!

    I am enjoying singles awareness day! No fuss, no muss! I get to buy my munchkin cupcakes which she will be thrilled with and buy a pizza! This is a great excuse to eat "bad" food and enjoy it without guilt. Jesus is my valentine! The CREATOR of love! Haha!

  • Tempo Life Coaching

    February 15, 2012 at 3:06 am

    As always, I love your blog!!! I love you, SBM! There…Happy Valentine's Day. I don't like any of the society-consumer holidays actually. I never have liked V-day. What I do like is your conversation hearts though! I still think it would be hysterical if your stalked after Ironman woman read your blog by coincidence. Just the mere thought of it cracks me up!

    Keep on saving for that juicer.

    ~Coach Carrie


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