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Tuesday Talk Fest

So it’s Tuesday, and this is what my day started off looking like.

Your first question is likely:  What body part is that??

Your next question is probably:  What in the world?

Well, the body part would be chubby swim bike mom knees, and the what would be marks from someone who gets out of the pool and kneels on the tile floor for a minute. Just a minute. And I’ve got grill marks on my chops.

 This morning I had a swim and a run scheduled. To do a swim and a run before work requires some early rising. The Expert still has the plague, so he coughed alot last night, and I didn’t sleep well. Plus, I finished “The Hunger Games” right before bed, and in my dozing-dream sleep, I was using my bow and arrow to pick off people at work. I jest.

 Needless to say, 5am came early today. Regardless of the early factor, I am still a HUGE cheerleader (no pun intended) for the early morning workout. In the spirit of my cheerleading, I sat outside of LifeTime Fitness for a bit and contemplated the early morning workout:

(Please do not look upon the eye-bags)

So I did my early morning workout. About 45 minutes in the pool (with a set of 500m for time… 10:34), and then I hit the dreadmill for a four mile run (43:36).

  Four miles is still a long run. I’m telling you. I wonder when these runs will feel short. I guess after a year of doing this, I feel that 2 miles is short (for me). But two years ago, 1 minute of running was short, and 3 minutes of running was enough to kill me. All about the gradual gains.

 Thanks to everyone who ordered Swim Bike Mom gear.  We’ll do a new order in a couple of months.


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  • TX Runner Mom

    February 1, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Love the vlog! And, love early morning workouts. If I didn't have to be back home nby 5:15 to shower, I'd love to get my swims out of the way in the morning. I don't think my gym would be willing to open at 4 am, lol!


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