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It’s Raining Bricks

The Expert and I hit Silver Comet Trail today for a 52 miler on the bike (oooooeeeee) plus a 3 mile run (ooooooeeeee).  It was raining and pretty chilly.  Raining bricks. 
I still don’t have full length tights to wear – I usually steal his – so when we ride together, I am out of luck.  My style is rocking. 
Those would be chamois capris and compression socks.  Together = tights!  Tada! Momma needs some fashionable bike clothes.  Shoulda bought them before Dave Ramsey. Now, I’ll be looking like this for the next 5 years. When we left the house today, I told the babysitter that we were probably the most stylish couple she knows.  She snickered.  I don’t know why.  
I took off on the ride first, and the Expert gave me a cushion of 3-4 minutes.  I was determined to not let him catch me.  He did.  About 10 miles in.  Then I managed to get caught at three consecutive stop lights, and he was g-o-n-e. 
We stopped at the 26 mile turn around, and \were both feeling good – best training ride in a long time. 
Wet roads freak me out, though.  I’m not the most un-clumsy rider.  Enough said. 
The Expert took off after we stopped briefly, and within a few miles, I couldn’t see him.  He’s a good rider.  Enough said. 
I started hurting pretty good about Mile 38.  Mile 47 the misery set in. By the time I was a half mile away from the car, I was ready to get OFF the bike.  
I saw the Expert… starting his run.  ERRRR! Gotta catch him!
Time for the 52 miles:  3 hours, 23 minutes
I sped to the parking lot, opened up the back of the car, and I tried to quickly shove Antonia (my bike) into the back.  She won’t fit!  He sabotaged me!  He purposely put his bike in all crazy so I would be a T2 disaster!! (Okay, maybe not).
Faux T2:  2:15
As I started off, my legs felt like lead weights.  My shins and calves were incredibly tight.  The wind was whipping and the rain started misting steadily.  Things loosened up a bit, but I hit the bike pretty hard – so the run was pretty tough. At some point, the Expert and I passed (he said it was at the 1 mile marker), but I don’t remember seeing him at all.
Like most things, this type of pain stops when you stop doing the painful thing. The run was hard, but it was over in 3 miles (34:00), and the pain pretty much stopped, and I was finished with a 52/3 brick.  
Run Time:  34 minutes

I almost caught the Expert on the run.  Almost.  Enough to where he said, “Dang, Chris McCormack.”  Which is hilarious considering what a horrificly slow and form deprived runner I am. 
Total time: 4 hours  
Training for this week is a 9 mile run on Tuesday, some small tapering then the Savannah half-marathon next weekend.  Am I ready for 13.1?  No.  But who cares.  Not like I can’t crawl 5 of those 13.1 miles if completely necessary. 
89 days until New Orleans.  I just told the Expert and he started mumbling:  90 days is three months, 90 days is three months, 90 days is three months.   See?  He’s very smart.  Toldyaso. 
[We’re both scared to death of this race.]  Have a grrrrrrrrrreat week, friends!  

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  • JonDot

    January 23, 2012 at 2:18 am

    Wait until the end of the season and get your winter gear for next year on clearance. That's what I do, and I usually get it for 1/2 price.

  • TX Runner Mom

    January 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    LOL at the Dave Ramsey comment…that is exactly why I have no cold weather biking gear and try to make do with my running gear. Yes, it's a pretty sight (not).


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