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The Day after the Promises

Day one of no caffeine.  I woke up this morning, weighed myself (cursed), and immediately waddled to the coffee pot.  Rats! &#^*$#!  The warm coffee, the cream, the caffeine jolt.  Farewell.

I had slept well.  Fell dead asleep at 10:45 last night, and popped open my eyes just in time to hear “Happy New Year” on the tube, and the fireworks downtown.  But the kidlets were up at 6:00, and then no caffeine?

By 9:30, I was evil.  Historically, I have not been dependent on caffeine – the coffee requirement is a fairly recent development.  I guess since having children.  Along with my other child-induced addictions: tearing out my hair, eating their tiny little snack foods

The Expert hit the gym at 8:45 for a spin class, while I played with the kids.  We colored, did puzzles, some flash cards, and my head was pounding the entire time.  [You try caring about Buzz Lightyear when your head is cracking open!]

By the time the Expert returned, I was ready to explode.  I was dressed in my bike clothes when he walked in, and I was over it before I even started.  I was beginning to rethink my caffeine cold turkey quit.  I felt like crap.  And lawd, did I feel fat-o-rific.  What?  This is not how New Year’s Day is supposed to feel!  Snap out of it!

I rode 16 miles, and that was plenty for today.  The last week has been difficult, getting over the sickness, so I was happy with it.  Hard 16 miles though, very hilly, and hot/cold at the same time.  The last mile, I was fantasizing about getting in a hot shower and pulling the covers over my head.  The Expert and the kids were out at lunch, I knew.

As I zoomed through the front yard and up to the door, I realized… I had no key.  In my funk, trying to get out of the house, I left the key sitting on the table.

Locked out.   I looked at our porch furniture.

Ridiculous.  I love this old chair I found at an estate sale.  And I like it all broken.  To hold a plant.  But not for sitting.

Finally, about 45 minutes later, the Expert and the kids rolled in.  My daughter runs up to me.

Stella:   Mommy, ewwww.

Me:       What?
Stella:   Mommy!! Ew!
Me:       What??
Stella:   You don’t smell good.  You need to take a shower.

I felt much much better after my ride, and some tea (!) and some snuggles from the munchkins.  I battled not shoving cupcakes into my gullet after the ride, but I chose Greek yogurt, flax, and berries instead.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.  I can feel it.



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  • Louise Rothwell

    January 2, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Can't do no caffeine but,am doing no alcohol for the month. Also weighed myself today,not good. Not sure if I want to weigh myself everyday or once a week!
    Keep up the good work

  • Anonymous

    January 3, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Just curious, but is there a reason for giving up coffee? It actually has a lot of health benefits! I'm not sure where the stigma that coffee is bad for you came from…

  • Swim Bike Mom

    January 3, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Well, the Expert gave up coffee… and I'm doing it to prove he was a giant baby when he was going through withdrawals. That's the first reason. 🙂 But in all seriousness, I went without caffeine during my vegan stint a few years ago, and i found that I slept so much better… and I'm often an insomniac, so I am trying to really FEEL what my body feels like without any stimulants, alcohol and bad food. So… I'm not that convicted, but I'm feeling pretty good at this stage (Day THREE!)

  • Holly

    January 4, 2012 at 4:14 am

    Hang in there! It's tough, but I quit caffeine last fall (I was a daily soda drinker) and I'm glad I did. I love not feeling dependent, and I also sleep better. Being rid of the empty calories and expense is cool too. I do treat myself now and then, but the daily need is gone.


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