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Bet on the Half Mary

So Coach Monster has my “planned” time for the Savannah half-marathon this upcoming weekend as 2:15:00.  I almost spit out my water when I saw that.  
More like 3:15:00. 
Then some of the Facebook group started saying, “you can do it” (no, no I can’t, but thanks for the encouragement), so we’ll do a little contest. 
Go to the Swim Bike Mom Facebook page and place your “bets” on my time.  
Person closest to my actual half marathon time without going over (like the Price is Right) 
wins a spiffy little Swim Bike Mom Trek water bottle. 
Once on the Facebook page, you may need to scroll down to find the comment to enter your bet. 
And don’t worry – you won’t hurt my feelings.  And FYI… the weather forecast is cold and rainy.  So you should factor that into your bets.  [And a clue: I am very slow. Very.]


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