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First Family Duathlon

My first workout in a week was a race against a toddler.  She almost beat me.  Granted, the first lap I was wearing clogs.  Once I dashed inside and changed to my sneaks, I was unbeatable.  Whew.  Close one.  
Except… the damned chicken wing emerged again. One week of coughing, barfing and getting well…  grows the chicken wing back.  Blasted bollocks.

The boy child completed the first leg of the bike.  Says he doesn’t like to run so much.  Like his mother.  Stella, on the other hand, with her Carfrae-like stride, I can only guess that her track-star grandfather’s genetics are kicking in. 

The Expert joined for the relay.  With his Tom Cruise shades.  He’s been channeling Cruise since seeing Ghost Protocol on his day off. 
These are the moments when our Family Dreams of triathlon make perfect sense.   
The kids wanted to bike and run today.  It was fun (minus a few minor throw-the-bike-on-the-ground tantrums (me = not shown here).  Good, clean wholesome family fun.  I was glad the Expert grabbed the camera, too.  I’m usually the family photog, so this was a nice change (and proof that I really exist in this family). 


So.  When you think you shouldn’t take time away from your kids for that run… do it.  Turns out the little monkeys start to view running as a good, healthy, fun thing.   Slowly, their momma starts to believe as well. 



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  • Jen "McAwesome"

    December 29, 2011 at 2:00 am

    #1 – Isn't it amazing how kids always have perfect form? Where/when do we lose that?

    #2 – I, too, am always the picture taker, so I know the glee of having pics of you in them!

    #3 – Your form looks good to me in the first picture. Really!

    #4 – So why is the "chicken wing" so bad? My friend Sarah has a chicken wing stance too. She's 51, qualified for the marathon trials about 10 years ago, runs a 5 minute mile now, runs sub-20 5k's regularly, beat Joan Benoit Samuelson in an 8k 2 months ago, and is amazing. All with a chicken wing.

    #5 – Glad you're feeling better. Happy belated Boxing Day!

  • chasingdownadream

    December 29, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Oh my gosh! So cute and what great photos. I love it when my 3 yr old says he wants to run with me. He did a little kiddo dash in the spring and was so excited to get his own number bib. Totally awesome! Way to go!


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