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Attitude is the New Clout

I’m on Klout.  Have any of you heard of this?  It’s the most bizarre social networking dealio to date.  But apparently it means a great deal in social media.  I don’t get it, but I log on every once in a while to see if anything interesting has appeared.

Today, it had.  I love love love my “influential about” section.

Peanut Butter.  Triathlons.  Food.  Yep. That sounds about right.

I have been in such a stinky funk since Miami. You are probably sick and tired of hearing about it by now.  If so, then you are in good company with the dude who recently posted that he was sick of hearing about me not putting the fork down.

Say it.  It’s fine.  Get up, SBM and move!  Stop whining!  Just stop eating!  You have a race in April. Shut your mouth.

Yes, I am trying. I blame it on my lack of immediate race goal.  Klout, clout or no clout with no one breathing down my neck with a soon-to-be terror race, I slide off the radar.  Even though New Orleans 70.3 is actually 136ish days away, and race registration has been (compulsively) paid.

Warning Warning.  I’m about to get all warm fuzzy preachy on this post.  “No no no!  Too much!!!!” you say.
Oh, but I must, I say.

(By the way… seriously…Is there not a better clip of this on the internet???
It’s only the greatest SNL skit ever.)

What in the hell is clout, anyway?  Not the social media thing… actual clout.  I mean, you can be as famous, as fabulous as you want to be, shaking your cute little bon-bon all over the world, but at the end of the day, if you are miserable… what’s the point? My measly clout/Klout as a little miss Swim Bike Mom or with my day job means absolutely no hill of beans if I don’t feel good about myself, about my purpose, about my shiny silver place in this world.  

In case you were wondering, this is the part where we join hands and sing together.

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us.”
-John N. Mitchell

We all gotta buck up, sweetpeas, and have a better attitude. We must keep the positive momentum plowing forward, busting up the waves, and riding those waves successfully.  This is one of Coach Monster’s big things:  don’t let the negative behaviors become habit. Don’t let the bad things gain momentum.

Well, my bad behavior since Miami has taken a little root.  But the Expert and I have sprayed on some de-rooting glaze, and the positive trajectory is back in locomotion.  I have completed all the prescribed workouts for the last five days.  I have been eating well for almost a week.  And I am feeling sane (today).

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
-Winston Churchill

It’s so nauseatingly preachy, but it’s so unbelievably true.  A positive attitude is the new clout.  When life gives you lemons, do triathlon.  Say “yes I can” no matter how ridiculous the goal may feel at the time.

If you doubt, read this post about me registering for St. Anthony’s Olympic distance.  I had only done one sprint triathlon at the time, and I declared that I would do an Olympic distance. Well, turns out that I did it – the Expert and I finished that race.  Then after St. Anthony’s,  I made the ridiculous declaration that “I’ll do a half-Iron.”  Turns out, I did that too.

(At the gym, hanging with the Blue Balls.)

All those decisions, those actions, were tied up tight with the right attitude.  I had the right attitude during that journey.  So I just gotta buck up and make that same attitude again! Ah-ha!

How are you feeling?  What’s your big hang up? What’s your big scary goal?  

Whatever the goal, the scary thing, we need to attack it with the right attitude to make that dream a tangible thing, a reality, a Finishers medal.

To the big hairy goal, let’s say, “Yes, we can do it.”   SOoooo… let’s just make it happen, friends.  No matter how slowly we do!

   Just Keep Moving Forward.
Come play with us! 
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