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TriSports. You Rock.

My friend, Elizabeth, ordered a shipment of fun triathlon goods from  

To be silly, she wrote in the “Comments” section on her order:  
“I would like a velociraptor riding a bike over a double rainbow be drawn on my box.”

A few days later, here arrives her box.

Unreal awesome.

Well, I ordered a new helmet early this week from (because I stupidly left my helmet in Miami).

In the “Comments” section of my order, I wrote:
I’m friends with the Velociraptor riding the double rainbow.   I’m a Brontosaurus running hill repeats, wearing my shiny new helmet.  That’s right.  Running with helmet.”

And here arrives my shiny new helmet… in said box.

(Perhaps I should not be promoting this type of box-drawing nonsense… but it’s pretty darn awesome.)

Thanks, for being such good hilarious, awesome good sports. 


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