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Saturday Symposium

Well, at least after the last six days of eating everything that hasn’t eaten me…tomorrow… it gets better.

My face (and rear) are rapidly expanding to account for the 1,000,000 calories I have eaten over the past week.  We are waking up in the morning, going to the store and buying nothing but happy, healthy things.  I am on a sugar/fat/meat collision course.  I am done.

Today, was the inaugural USAT Southeast Symposium.  Good time, and best of all, Scott Rigsby’s closing remarks.  Amazing inspiration.  He says to pick a dream that’s “UnThinkable” and then go do it.  I love that.  Two-time Kona finisher, and only double amputee to do it…and twice.  Incredible.

I was part of the Women’s Panel, and it was a small session, but a good time.  I learned alot, and hope I can be a part of more of those. I don’t have much real “advice,” but it was fun to chat with people who did.

Below, SBM friend Elizabeth randomly finds a sock in Ballroom E:

I won’t tell you the amount of food I packed down at Dantana’s at the inaugural SBM cocktail hour (turned into great dinner with good friends, Elizabeth, Mountain Goat, the Lawyer (Mountain G’s husband), and the Expert).

Fun day. Pooped.  Mountain Goat and I discussed doing a 70.3 relay next year… of course, she would do the running, and I would swim/bike.  Where I belong: in water, or being propelled forward by wheels.

And I think we have Elizabeth convinced to do her first 70.3 next season!  Whoop!

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