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Fix Your Life Fridays

So SBM is starting a fun little gig.  [At least, it’s supposed to be fun.]

I always have questions about how to juggle triathlon with full-time job, kids, craziness, how to get out of a rut, what to do about issues at work, why I feel completely ineffective in my ability to communicate, why I eat so much peanut butter, why don’t they make Spanx for triathlon, etc.

I “met” Carrie through this blog and we became buddies.

Then I found out that she is a real, live LIFE COACH.
Wooo hooo.  Someone to give real advice?  Love.

Anyway, I thought that you guys might like to have the chance to present some life issues, questions or the like, and have Carrie answer them.

Kind of “Dear Abby” style, but way better.

Carrie and I will pretend to be your new Dr. Phil and Oprah, except way less famous….rich… and bald.

I asked Carrie to write up a little intro and bio, and then I’m providing a link to a contact form where you guys can submit your questions (anonymously or not), and we can start a discussion with Carrie, which I hope will turn into a weekly fun thing.

Tada!  Fix Your Life Fridays!

Here’s a little message from Carrie.  Get your questions submitted and stay tuned!

My very favorite Swim Bike Mom has asked me to guest blog on her site weekly, answering questions from all of you…real questions by real people on topics that interest and concern you.  What an honor and a thrill to be part of the SBM team once a week and correspond with all you loyal followers, fans, and friends!

So who am I?  I’m Carrie, a mom of 3 kids (ages 20, 16, and 11), a newbie triathlete, owner and life coach at Tempo Life Coaching.  My training background is with a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling as well as a school counseling certificate from way back when.  Then came children, all the trials and tribulations of life, time filled with other business ventures, raising my children, and navigating my way through multiple life transitions.  I have found my way back “home” in the way of life coaching.  Although I loved being a therapist (and still enjoy my job as a part-time school counselor), nothing compares to the excitement of working as a life coach.  I love that my clients come to me because they are looking to change, to grow, to solve their own life struggles, and reach personal goals.  Coaching is a positive approach to helping clients move forward in their lives…navigating around speed bumps in the road of life.
As a coach, I am a cheerleader, a support, a confidant, a third-party who can help you view things from a different perspective.  A life coach isn’t too different from a personal trainer…I help a person set goals, offer suggestions to reach them….but much like triathlon…it’s up to you to get the job done!  You have it within you to make changes, I just stand by your side, encourage you, and help keep you on track.  If you are feeling stuck, are in the middle of a difficult life transition, want to be somewhere different in life or simply want to become more self aware and in tune, life coaching may be just for you.

In the meantime, I hope I can field some fun questions and maybe we can help each other be accountable not only in our triathlon goals, but also our daily lives.   Looking forward to getting involved!

Disclaimer:  Submitting your questions to Carrie of Tempo Life Coaching does not, in any way, establish a client relationship. The purpose of Fix Your Life Fridays is fun, interaction and accountability.  Let’s keep it there!  If you want to remain anonymous, you shall remain so. 


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