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Taper Schmaper

The word taper sounds like “tapeworm” to me.  I wish I had a tapeworm – that would be more bearable than the taper.  And the benefits of tapeworm are skinniness.

The benefits of the race taper are pure insanity, mild depression and serious doubt.   Oh, and rested legs, hydration and whatever.

This morning, I only had four miles to run.  First of all… the fact that I now say “only four miles” is incredible.  That’s a positive. Second of all, it was freezing and windy, and I was blown off the sidewalk like six times.

And I was slow, and sluggish feeling.  The “only” four miles felt pretty rough. Until I realized that I had run those 4 miles at a way-sub 11 minute mile pace.  Not too shabby.

I know I will survive the taper.  However, bizarre it may be.

There’s a 95% chance I will survive the race.  And those odds are way better than I would have ever predicted.

Happy Thursday, ya’ll.   I know my girl Leslie is racing Miami.  Anyone else heading there too?  Would love to hear from you.

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