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Stop! Hammertime

So I went to spin this morning.  I showered.  I put on my cardigan. Then I put on the Expert’s pants.


Oh yes.  I accidentally brought his pants to the gym.  His black dress pants.

Hammertime!  Check it out.

(The quality of the photo is brightened in order to show you the goodness of the hammer).
The best part? 

These are the Expert’s “fat pants,” meaning they are huge on him already.  But really, I think they’re quite lovely on me. Don’t you agree? [But not lovely enough to actually wear to work.]
So….I stopped at the nearest Kohl’s and bought a pair of real pants. A size smaller than my last pants… which was exciting.  BUT… they are tight. 
I might should have kept the hammer pants.  I look like Hoochie Lawyer today.  
Better than MC Lawyer, I guess.


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