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I love Jillian Michaels, the trainer and awesomely insane motivator from the Biggest Loser (well, until this season….hurmph). I was flipping through the October edition of a Redbook magazine at my recent hair appointment, and there was a great one-on-one interview with her.  I would just provide you with a link, but the online version is missing my favorite part of the print version….

The interview was so good that I tore out the last part of the article. From a magazine. At a salon.  It was very tacky of me to do it. But I was scared I would forget about it. Then after I tore it out, I realized I could have prolly just snapped a picture of the relevant portion on my iPhone… terrible of me, really.

The interviewer asked Jillian how someone knows when they are ready for a change. Jillian said, “You feel it.  You wake up one morning and you’re miserable. Or you’re numb.  If you feel nothing, obviously you’re shutting down the parts of you that are unhappy. We’ve evolved to have emotions for a reason. They guide us.”

I thought that was interesting.  Parts of me are feeling quite numb lately, for reasons completely unrelated to the crazy half-Iron quest (which yes, is now 26 days away.)

Okay, so when you are numb… how do you become less numb?  How do you really change (or change what’s eating at you)?

Jillian says first, you have to trust yourself.  And that the vast majority of people are “fear-based” and have a “monkey-bar approach to life, like you can’t leave one spot until you’re holding on to the next monkey bar. By going straight to the next thing, you never get time to reflect or to create space for what’s right.”  She goes on… “We all have to work for happiness. And you cannot listen to the advice of other people. You’ve got to listen – to the universe, to life, to God… because it’s going to speak to you.”

I’m not sure if I have been really listening… or if I have been listening so intently, that I can’t hear anything at all.