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In the Dark

So, yes… I have been running (“running”) for about a year.  But this morning, at the wee hour of 5am, was my first official run in the dark.

And I mean… D-A-R-K.  Butt crack of dawn.  Dark-thirty.  Early as all hell.

I had my snazzy reflective Yankz and my Camelbak, so I felt pretty reflective.

However, I was not very well illuminated. I couldn’t see a thing. Very treacherous for a swim bike klutz. Yes, I took a well-traveled route – lots of cars zooming by – I was on the sidewalk, which was set back off the road.   But I could really only see well when a car went by.  And sunrise didn’t happen until my last 1/4 mile.

Something about running in the dark was awesome.  Even though I was very tired.  Seems that I haven’t scored more than 3-4 hours of sleep for the past few nights. Still, I enjoyed it.

If I continue to do this dark running thing, I will need a headlamp, or a footlamp or just a table lamp – something to help me see better.  But how exhiliarating, to be out in the cool air, running in the dark while everyone in my house was still sleeping.  I felt like I wasn’t taking time away from anyone (therefore, no real guilt), and I had some much needed exorcism of negative thoughts. Good morning.

I know my Dad is going to call me… You can’t run in the dark.  It’s dangerous.  That’s terrible.  But I don’t think criminals are awake at 5am.  I really don’t.  I only saw a bunch of tired moms dropping off kids at daycare by 6 and a whole slew of angry Atlanta commuters.

Oh, Mike McBlessings, a friend and founder of the Getting2Tri Foundation, sent me an email today… told me “enough of the quitting 70.3 Miami” talk.  So alas.  Enough is enough.  I am out of the dark and heading for the blinding, baking sun of south Florida.

I. Am. Doing. Miami. In. 23. Days.  
There. I. Promised. 
Now. To. Deliver.

As for our little Miss Muffett… she’s on the mend.  No CT scan, no further concern about her eye and the mystery bug that attacked her (I have a warrant out for his arrest). She looks like the devil, but there is solid improvement from yesterday.

She still looks like she spent some time with Tyson, though.


  • The Novice

    October 7, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I don't run much in the dark myself, but I do have a little night-light LED that I use to make myself visible. I don't much like head-lamps even when I'm camping as I find they tend to slip down and hit me in the face, and that doesn't even involve as much bouncing as running.

    I haven't tried these but I did see them online, and thought it might be better to mount the light somewhere on the torso (which is more stable) instead of the head (or arms or legs).


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