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2 Day Delirium

I’m bib #806.  I don’t like round numbers… I like pointy numbers… they make me look “leaner”.  And the way I’ve been eating this week… well…

As far as the weather forecast, there’s some tropical storm brewing and causing some disgusting type weather.  Right now, the forecast says “thunderstorms.”  Ugh.  But I am hopeful that Miami 70.3 will just turn into some big Xterra type adventure (mud, wind, etc.) versus just a duathlon or half marathon.

I know the concern is safety… but I really would like to do 70.3… not 69.1.  I mean where do I find that bumper sticker, and if so… won’t I just get dirty looks from people?

At some point, I guess the Expert and I are going to mosey down to the Expo, the Athlete Check-in and see what’s up.

I still have orders from Coach Monster to do “nothing” as far as workouts because of the hamstring and taper.  I thought I might get in the ocean, but now, I’m not feeling it.

To top it all off, I woke up with a head cold.  I’m coughing up small children and sneezing like crazy.

But really, I think it’s nothing a little DayQuil won’t cure.

Plus, the cold is most likely from being cooped up with so much knowledge.. in the car… with the Expert for 11 hours.  My head’s just clogged up. So much knowledge! 🙂

Have a Happy Friday!  Prayers for good weather?  Send them our way!!

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  • CautiouslyAudacious

    October 28, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Hope that storm clears out for you! I usually get a cold during my taper and it goes away just in time for the race!

    I like round numbers! I even have to set my alarm to a round number and it can't be 00 so I have it set for 6:02 🙂


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