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10k, Booty and Bob Roll

The Georgia Race for Autism in Lawrenceville was yesterday, with 10k, 5k and 1 mile options. This event is awesome- there’s a family fun day post-race with petting zoo, pony rides, etc.  Too bad I took the monkeys to the fair last week… this was way better and for a better cause.

Last year: I ran the 5k as a wannabe triathlete. My time was 38:48, which is a 12:30 mile pace.

This year: I tackled the 10k as a training run.  And I finished a little over 1:06:00, with a 10:37 pace. To say I was stoked would be an understatement.  The “hills” that were impossible last year, were non-issues.  I felt good.  The race was still hard – I don’t think running will ever be “easy”… but the growth is there and clear…. and that was a much needed boost.

I did a little swim, and then headed to Stone Mountain for the 24 Hours of Booty cycling event benefiting the Livestrong Cancer Foundation and is directed and organized to raise vital funds for cancer research and survivorship.  

Coach Monster had invited me to join his team, and SBM pals Elizabeth and Kimberly also joined.  I couldn’t stay for the whole 24 hours because of the kids, etc., but I am definitely going to plan for it next year.  It was an AWESOME event!

I rode in honor of my grandmother, Mombow, who is a breast cancer survivor, and is still battling cancer.  Everyone was riding for someone, it seemed.  Our team captain, Chris, is a brain tumor survivor. 

The ride was a four-mile loop and the campsite had snacks and music and Booty gear.  Most everyone was staying for the full 24 hours, camping out, and riding. Cool stuff.

I rode about 12 miles with Coach Monster and friends, and then they shouted “BOB ROLL” and took off, leaving me in the the dust.  I thought it was some sort of dude code, because obviously Bob Roll is a cycling legend.  Turns out… nope… it was really Bob Roll.

Bob Roll and Coach M. 
 SBM, Roll and Coach M. 
Bob with members of Team Impact

Bob showing Coach M his femur surgery scar.  Love.
We had a good time, and I wish I had been able to do the whole event.  They had a tent full of snacks and peanut butter jars with bread.  Mmmmmm.
Beautiful weather – couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Oh, and the Expert had a safe trip back.   
Now, off to put down some (more) miles on the bike… Happy Sunday!

 Kimberly, Elizabeth and Moi
Camp Booty
The Genius and the Grasshopper.

Chris and Coach M.


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