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Spandex Spectacular

1.2 mile swim, plus 30 miles on the bike today.  (Was supposed to be 40 miles… time constraints plus ick plus… well, I lost 10 miles somewhere. “ooops.” ).  The swim felt good, but I was super disappointed in my time:  45 minutes?  In a pool?  That is not boding well for my 1.2 in the ocean.  Granted, my goggles filled up with water about 17,000 times, so I had to stop a little….but ick.

Coach Monster said that “cumulative fatigue” is a big issue right now – that once taper starts, the goodness will happen at the race.  Lawd, I hope he’s right.

I was blasted from spin class yesterday.  I know why my quads, back, hammers, calves (ear, face, teeth) hurt… about 7 cumulative minutes of “standing flats” plus standard spin goodness = sore bike ride.

As I was complaining about my soreness, the Expert said, “Way to blast your legs in your fake bike ride so you have nothing left for the real ride.”  Spin is not fake riding.  Okay, maybe a little.

Because he was so snotty, he gets published on the blog in head to toe spandex.  It’s a spandex spectacular!

Quadzilla spotting!!

Alright to be fair…. here’s a pretty ridiculous one of me.  Me, who clearly, has one arm longer than the other?  What is that all about?  And nice gloves.

From the waist up, I’m going skiing.  From the knees down, oh no… I’m cycling.  
I’m a walking mullet… a party on the top, business on the bottom.  

(Business in the front, party in the back)
Tomorrow’s gauntlet is an 11 mile run.  I’ve done that before.  No big deal.  (Laughing hysterically….)  The day that 11 miles is “no big deal” will be a big deal.

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  • Molly @ the F-spot

    September 17, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    You make me laugh! What I love is that you can laugh at yourself!

    Having completed my second 70.3 in July, let me tell you that YOUR BODY KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON. You just have to trust it on race day. It's hard now and will be harder when your taper begins. You've put the time and miles in, so don't beat yourself up on these interim training goals.

    Keep up the great work!


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