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The Point.

I was not in a good place yesterday, when I posted about the last few days, my parents’ house fire, and the struggles that are sure to ensue for them for, as we are told now, the next four to six months.  The house is in worse condition than they thought.  Tough times ahead.

Still, so my post sparked alot of concern and care, and I am so thankful, once again for all of you and your inspiration.

I put on my big girl padded pants today, and decided to go to a lunchtime spin class, try and get my head wrapped back around my goal, the point of the training.  I arrived about twenty minutes before class, hoping to get in some extra time.

This is not a class I usually attend, and I notice right away that the instructor is also the masters swim teacher, who I often see at the LifeTime pool.  Awesome!  Hope is on its way.

I hopped on the bike, and since we were the only two people in the room, she and I chat a little.  I tell her about Miami, and we have informal introductions.

On the screens in the class, she is playing the 2006 Ironman World Championships.  Awesome.

Not only that, it was this segment, below.

I watched. And it was almost as if God reached down, with giant Sharpie, and wrote on the wall:
There’s the point, missy.

Triathlon is about so many things:  fitness, health, drive, and all the good things that sports bring into your life. But triathlon, I think perhaps more than any sport, is about the human condition.  The fight of life, the going against the easy way out. The desire for freedom, for love…for the love of freedom.

Something about triathlon…in those long periods of quiet suffering on a bike or on a run, you can find yourself, seek your purpose in life, help others in ways that would have, at one time, seemed impossible…and in those moments, you are immeasurably blessed.

That’s the point. I see that now.

Thank you guys for being so awesome, for holding my parents up in prayer during this time.  It means the world. Have a great weekend.

*   *    *   *   *   *   *

Even more inspiration… and the backstory of Team Hoyt.

Prior video of Team Hoyt (starting about 8:10):


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