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mix1 Raffle for a Cause

12 assorted mix1 drinks
mix1 waterbottle
five $1 off coupons for mix1
mix1 hat
t-shirt (red = large or medium)
t-shirt (black = women’s one size)
mix1 backpack

Be automatically entered to win the mix1 giftpack for a $5 contribution to the cause for Caden StanleyPlease use the form at the bottom. Rafflecopter will randomly pick the winner in one week!


This is a raffle fundraiser for a great cause.  mix1 donated the items for this fundraiser. Nobody in the SwimBikeMom family was given any product, “kickbacks” or swag for hosting this fundraiser. This is mix1 being awesome and SBM trying to raise some money for a near/dear cause.

Remember the spirit of this raffle and the motivation behind it.  If you have nasty things to say about this gesture, you are plain and simple a bad person, should go back from under the bridge from whence you came, and never come back. Seriously.

You must donate at least $5 to be entered in the drawing. [If you click “I Did It” but you didn’t donate, you will be disqualified from the drawing.] Entries are automatically entered follows: $5  = 1 entry; $10= 5 entries; $25= 10 entries; $50 = 20 entries. 

Winner will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter. Items will be shipped via USPS to the winner within 3-4 days. If you are related to SwimBikeMom, SwimBikeDad, or SwimBikeKids, you are not eligible.  Unfortunately, even butt kissing or peanut butter flavored bribes won’t work (this time).
Thank you all for helping the Stanley Family! And thanks, mix1 🙂

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