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Me and the Scale

Today, I went back to my super de duper nutritionist, Ilana, for my two week follow-up.

Last night, I weighed my clothes that I planned on wearing today.  Yes, I weighed my clothes.  I wanted to be able to explain to Ilana that I didn’t really gain any weight, but rather my clothes were super heavy.  (They were – 4 pounds….lawd.)

So after Coach Monster’s spin class, I went over to Ilana’s office.  I stepped on the scale.  I was down three pounds (with my heavy clothes!).  So essentially, I was down about 7.  Awesome. Awesome.

And it’s not just about the scale. The clothes in the skinny vault are getting close to getting more usage. I was able to put on another pair of smaller jeans last night.

Most importantly, I feel amazing.  I fell off the food perfection over labor day, but I am overall very pleased with the results. And I am motivated to keep moving forward… in nutrition, and in general.

Anyway, since so many of you have asked about “who” and “what” and “where” about my new nutrition plan, I am providing you the scoop, because this is the first time in my life that I truly feel like I know what in going on in the nutrition arena.  First time. Ever, thanks to Ilana.

Ilana Katz is her name, and awesomely straightening out your bad eating habits without dieting is her game.  Ilana just recently rocked out Ironman Lake Placid, so she’s particularly tuned into triathlon nutrition as well.

Her company is Optimal Nutrition for Life and you can find out more about her and nutrition on Facebook, Twitter, and the web.  

PS…update on the hip thing: I spoke with Coach Monster about the hip injury/feeling of doubt, and he is helping me work through all of it.  He made me realize that I have fallen off my stretching, IT band rolling, and trigger point therapy big time.  When my hip was “fine,” I was doing all of this religiously.  Just an hour last night made me feel a million times better today.  I am thinking if I get back on track with the “therapy,” maybe this will be the key. Thank you all for your encouragement and tips. 🙂

Have a great weekend!  And good luck to all of you racing:  Lukester (Pumkinman 70.3!), Mickey (TriRock), Carrie (TriRock), Susan (Tri N for a Cause), Heather, Kandi (first Oly distance!), Dawn (Oly!), Elizabeth G. (Tri the Parks – and done!) and Mia (Gulf Shores Oly!), to name a few!


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