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Manic Depressive

Today. Was. Great.  A few days ago was terrible.  I wanted to quit.

Today, I wanted to keep going.  And going.

Therefore…. either I, or the sport of triathlon, is manic depressive.  Up down up down, cry, smile, whine, scream….CRAZY land.

After a week or so of the doldrums and the “I can’ts” and “poor me” whinings, I have snapped out of it.

I have so much to be thankful for.  These two monkeys, for starters.

The Expert and I went for a swim at the pool (40 minutes continuous), and then headed out to the Suwanee Greenway, which is really a hop/skip from our house.  We are trekking out to Silver Comet tomorrow, but today, decided to hang close.

I have never felt so good on a run of this distance. Considering that a few days ago, I though I could have thrown in the whole towel on any more training… it’s so weird. Manic depressive.

Today, I was fast.  (Ha, okay… not fast fast, but fast for me.)  I paced the 6.2 mile marker at five minutes faster than I’ve ever run a 10k, and finished up the 8 miles right at 1:30:00, which is an 11:15ish pace.

[Whoa.  Which reminds me… again, thanks, for following me on Twitter, Joey Lawrence. Bizarre.]

The Expert ran his longest ever “outside” run.  And consequently, provided a fabulous photo.

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