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The Ugly Continues

I have become a winner in my own ugly race photos contest.  Check out these awesomely hideous race photos from the Richard Russell Oly Distance Triathlon over the weekend.  
Sweetness.  Sweeeeeetness.  Sweet.  And you think I have no shame… 

 Yes, because this is what triathlon is really about.  Wearing flattering suits and acting ridiculous. I love the pink however.  Thank you to the race director for coordinating my colors so well.  
Uh, uh uh? Is that a thumbs-up brewing in the first picture???  Oooop! Yes, there it is.
And what is so funny?  Huh.  And no thumbs-up? 
There it is. First the right hand. Then the left.  Thumbs-up!
Because really, one can never have too many of these pictures. 

Oh, that’s right. More thumbs. And other miscellaneous hand gestures.
And the Grand Finale.  Thumb!
And finally, the Expert may kill me for this one.  
But I love love love this picture, below.  He looks so happy.  Almost like he is skipping.  
And then… check out the race number FAIL.  Priceless.  How awesome is the Expert?  Wears that number so HE can look down and see it.  
I do like the below photo of him, though.  It say, “This race, ain’t nothing but a thing.”  Rocking it out, dude. 

Happy racing, everyone!


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