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How to Quit Drinking

I love this classic post by Brad Bollenbach from his personal development blog called “How to Quit Drinking Alcohol.” He provides the reader with a great listing of practical tips about abstaining from alcohol.  Easy, sensible and brilliant stuff. Love it.

However. I think the author left off one VERY important way to quit drinking alcohol.

Now, I love beer.  And wine.  And martinis. Oh, margaritas… mmmmmm….margaritas (woozy diabetes through a straw).

[Deliciousness in Australia, October 2011, (c) SwimBikeMom]

All of these delicious concoctions are probably more to blame for the extra thirty fifty pounds of me than anything else.  I work hard and I tend to play twice as hard.  At least that’s always been my excuse.

Until recently.

As I said… the author of the quit drinking post forgot one easy way to quit drinking.


  • The fun in drinking quickly becomes a way to ten-fold increase the pain of your already painful morning run.
  • Can’t wake up at 4:30am to knock out a brick before a long workday when you’ve been up until 2:30 hanging out with your besties, Jack, Jose and Bud.
  • Plus, Jack and Jose are crazy.  Those two trouble-makers inevitably bring along their friends Mid-Night Snax, Tubby McBuns and Stretchy O’Marks. 
[Me with former good friends, Miller and Mid-night Snax]
  • Yes quitting drinking will save you some major coin.  However, once you start triathlon, you will have no money to pay your mortgage and or save for your childrens’ college education – and certainly no money left for drinking.
  • Triathlon = teeny tiny stretchy clothes.
    Drinking = time to go up a size.
    Triathlon = must not have so many rolls in said stretchy clothing.
    Drinking = mmmmm, rolls! And with butter!??!  (See, it’s a nasty cycle…)
  • And finally, yes, you can get a DWI /DUI on a bike.  Which reminds me of a funny drinking story from college…
So for now….hasta luego drinking buddies.  I will see you immediately after a very important race on October 30.   What????  
I said triathlon training is for quitting alcohol.  Post-race? Bring on the bubbly, dude.

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