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52 Miler.

Weekends.  Ah.  The word that used to mean “rest” or “relaxation” or “party.”  The word which changed meaning once I birthed kids, but now means: ass busting workouts, time with kids, and laundry.

And I love it. Yesterday, of course was the trail run.

Today was 52 miles on the bike (3:20:15 time) with the Expert, plus a gnarly bee-sting which is still ouching me.

Then, pool with the kids.  Plus a dinner at the old Italian haunt in Duluth.

Whew.   And it’s now 8:00, Sunday night, and I’m just starting on the laundry.  I’m not going to see a single load dry. I am T-minus 15 minutes to night-night.

This triathlon life is insane. And I’m loving every single second of it.

Check out this nasty blister on my foot from yesterday. This photo is gross.  I know, and I admit it.  But like a car wreck, I want to stare at it, and share it. I’m sorry. It’s gross, I know.  Gross.  It’s like a third nipple.  Ha.  Ew.

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  • Tiffany @ Tiffany's Spartanette Training

    August 8, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Well done! It's really funny to me when people say things that I often think, i.e. about the laundry. That happens quite often to me. 😉

    Nice blister…lol


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