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3500m in the pool tonight.  Even though I am now showered, in jammies, and staring longingly at the nightnight room, I think someone could pick me up and wring water out of me.  (If someone can actually pick me up and wring me out, then I might really be on to something – something truly marketable…)

by Shel SilversteinI am soooooo waterlogged tonight.  The pool water was hot as the devil, too.  I think we hit a high of ninety-nine degrees today here in the lovely ATL. Ha.  Lovely. Ha.  Steamy. Sweaty. Hot hot hot.

Sometimes, I don’t mind being in the pool forever.  Sometimes, I do.  Tonight was a case of “get me out of this pool.”  I think part of it was swimming late in the day.  I like early morning and early afternoon workouts.  When workouts start cutting into my lay like broccoli and watch Hell’s Kitchen time, I get a little cranky.

Tomorrow is recovery day, and I am doing a little jig.  Up for this weekend is a 9.3 trail run at Red Top Mountain in Cartersville.  I’m not sure what I’m thinking.  9.3 miles in the mountains?  I emailed Coach Monster and asked him if I have lost my mind.  I know what he’s going to say.  But he’s also going to tell me to quit being a sissy and just do it.

I signed up for that race sometime last year when Mountain Goat talked me into it.  At that time, I wasn’t running more than three miles at a time, and thought, I’ll sign up for that craziness but there’s no way.  It was only a $5 registration fee, so what did I care?

Well, I care now… I care now that it’s on the training plan.  Oy vey.

Oh, it will be fun, though.  It may be worth bringing the Flip video for a little Swim Bike Mom video blog.  I am sure I’ll have lots of wise cracks and Blair Witch Project jokes come mile 8.

Mountain Goat will be on her second pina colada at the finish line when I come rolling in, with sticks wedged in between my ribs, and leaves in my hair.

Two weeks after the Roaster, is another Oly triathlon, a part of the Tri the Parks series.  Should be fun to do the Oly distance again, and hopefully, improve on my St. Anthony‘s time.  Coach Monster has scheduled it straight through as a training race, which he said… I might should be prepared to get back on the bike…right after the race. Yes, as in same day.  Finish race.  Get back on bike.  I wonder if I can bring a beer on the bike…

Then approximately eleven weeks after that…. (insert the intro music to ‘Til I Collapse here)…Ironman 70.3 Miami.   We’re down to ninety-five days.  Two flights to Miami got booked today.

I’m in this.  Like it or not.  But really… I like it.


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