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Underwater Tuneage

Excited.  H20Audio is sending me some underwater tunes gear to try out and review.  I can’t wait.  I’ve been trying to decide which underwater apparatus to purchase, so I am thrilled to give these a try.

Plus, I really love music.  And swimming. So swimming + music = love, true love.

The waterproof case H20 Audio offers is called the Interval 4G, but it is for the iPod Shuffle (4th generation); I have a 2nd generation, so that wouldn’t work.

So instead, they are sending me an Amphibx Fit Waterproof armband, and I can snuggle my little 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle right in there.

Oh, and they are sending Surge 2G Waterproof headphones AND the pro fit kit to try out too.

Natalie Coughlin Swims with the H2O Audio Interval

I’m wasn’t sure how the armband would work out with the swimming (I thought I could run the headphone wires through the back of my suit, or goggles, to avoid being tangled up). But before I could even think about it, they are sending me the waist band as well. So – I think I’m all set! We’ll see!

I can’t imagine how speedy I will be when I can swim with Eminem!  Whoop.

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