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Time to Vote for the Winner!

Here they are, the top ten readersubmitted photos in the Uglies Ugliest Race Photos contest. The caption above each photo was submitted along with the photo. You can vote for your favorites, below!  Top Ten Folks: You each get a little swag: choice of Swim Bike Mom (or Swim Bike Dad, if you are dudely) water bottle or t-shirt.  So make sure if you made the top ten cut, that you email me your info (address, size if t-shirt, etc.) to swimbikemom at The top prize wins the Uglies swimsuit, plus some SBM gear.  

DISCLAIMER (and the beating of the dead horse): THESE PHOTOS ARE READER-SUBMITTED PHOTOS.  IN OTHER WORDS, THE PERSON IN THE UGLY PHOTO HAS DECLARED THE PHOTO TO BE UGLY, HAS UPLOADED IT TO ME, AND POSTED THEIR OWN SILLY COMMENTS ABOUT IT.  This does not mean that we find the people “ugly” or “weird”.  This is a fun-spirited contest.  It’s for laughs, giggles, and fun.  The photos may be ugly;  but the people are beautiful.  Enjoy!

“This was my first tri ever….I was standing in line to race to the water, and those nerves you read about, yeah, they kicked in. And luckily for me, my photographer friend was there at that very moment to catch the fear as it swept over my entire body (and apparently mouth and tongue – some of that maybe my heart coming out of my throat too).”

“I think I was about to die…or crap my pants, one of the two.”
“Only an awesome husband would take this and think it an attractive photo!”

“Yes, these are soap suds on his pants.  Here is McSoapy in a sprint finish. 
We have no idea what happened to his pants!


“Face expression – don’t slip on floor and hurry up. (What I was really thinking – 
my friends told me to cannon ball into the water. I was debating whether I was going to do it or not)”

“This was the run portion (obviously) of the Cancun 70.3 September 2010. HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! And I thought Florida was hot. 
I finished so, that’s important. And I even beat a few people. Just a few.”

Brooke said of her photo: “looks like a conehead in a whale costume.”    
Swim Bike Mom says: Girl after my own heartWe Orcas rule the school!
Something along the sorts of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”

“This is me over a year ago at my very first tri. First of all, I am damn serious about that water. Secondly, running in spandex apparently not only makes for the biggest CT photo op, but also makes one leg look bigger than the other and my whole crotch appears crooked! Yay!”

“Falling at St. Anthony’s feet from the finish line. Going along just fine then 
in a blink I was like a turtle on my back looking up at a spectator. It was a good laugh!!”

Everyone please VOTE for your favorite!

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