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Super Sunday

Today. Was. Awesome.

1)  My girl, Charlie, finished her first 70.3!  And not only, that – she smoked it.   Look for her race report soon!  Go, Charlie!

2)  I met one of my super de duper Swim Bike Mom friends at Silver Comet today during a ride.  Funny thing is that we’ve never met before, came across each other via the blog, but saw each other out at the trail today.  Hi Elizabeth!  And way to make it work today!  
Elizabeth was on the second half of her ride;  the Expert and I were just setting out.  I was jealous she was done!
3)  The Expert and I had a good forty-five miler. But we stopped at the turn around for some silliness, and a break.  Today, my legs felt a little dead, but we made it. 
Here’s the photo story of the day.  Yes, I do realize that I am quite ridiculous.  Hiding behind a rock and jumping.  And losing my way, off road. 
But it was quite entertaining and a good way to start the week.  I hope it’s a good one for all of you. 

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